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Ramesh Powar’s “Follow The Basics” Mantra Helped Sneh Rana Claim The Wickets

The first day of the EnglandIndia one-off Test has both sides where despite a slow start, the openers managed it well to hill the score that was backed by a powerful 95-runs knock of the England skipper Heather Knight. Although the first two of the sessions were subjugated by the hosts, the visiting side pushed it hard on the opponents with Sneh Rana and Deepti Sharma striking with some quick wicket-taking deliveries to put England on a back-foot.

While addressing the post-match press conference of the first day, Sneh Rana turned up to address the session. She said, “The pitch was a little slow in the early stage but then it helped the spinners as it was turning a bit, from starting only.”

Talking of her debut, Rana said that it was during the team meeting only that she had got to know about the breakthrough into the team. And we were conversing and consulting every time in the practice sessions that how to bowl particularly at a stage like this. And since this Test is an absolute one for her as she is playing her first International Test match. She believes that the scenario in a Test match is much different than an ODI or a T20, so we had a regular look-up to the practice sessions and her way of performance.

She remarked on the moment when amid the match, the Indian Head coach Ramesh Powar talked with Rana. She conveyed what Powar said, “He told me to do accordingly as I have been throughout the days. He stressed on my natural strength and asked me to follow the basics. And I did accordingly. I didn’t put an extra effort to swipe the wicket.”

Commenting on the strategy behind putting a side with off-spinners against the right-handed team, she said, “The strategy was all made after a thorough team meeting and incessant discussions between the experienced players of our team.”

Admitting the fact that for the last five years Sneh Rana was way out of the mark to play any game for India and all of the amazement, her turning out debut rises question on her probable break. She said, “Actually, I had an injury that prevented me to play the game for almost one year. But post-recovery, I started playing domestic cricket and my performance there has helped me make a come-back like this.

Losing her father just two months back has totally been a tough time for the 27-years old to cope with the time but she has managed to work on it and is now in the squad. Assisting on that, she shared, “He (her father) wanted to see me playing again for India and to see me with the jersey but unfortunately he couldn’t. Alright! It’s all part of life. And whatever I have done till now and whatsoever is done in my nearing future, all those will be dedicated to him.”

Sneh Rana has proved to be a blatant sportsperson both by her ball and her words as she speaks of her comeback as an answer to those who think many players can’t make a comeback. She thinks that if not much then even some would surely have been inspired by her. She adds, “One should never give up on what he or she is doing.”

When asked about the type of wicket in Bristol, she noted, “It’s a good wicket to bat on and I think it will remain the same, tomorrow.” She also emphasized the tough situations that do give a routine visit and for the case being this Test, she said, “It’s difficult to get early breakthroughs and then it’s only the teamwork that pulls you up. We maintained to keep discussing the game and not lose the momentum of the match and carry it forward.

Knowing the fact that England is at a higher stake as in the recent past they have some matches in their account, they have also played domestic cricket and more numbers of Test cricket, Sneh Rana dotingly said, “If we always play in an attitude that we have nothing to lose then I think we can play better cricket. I believe we should never take the pressure of the fact that we are playing in their conditions or in their country. We should keep in mind that we have such experience that we can play in any of the conditions.”



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