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“As A Captain, I’m Really Happy About Our Team’s Performance”- Chamari Athapaththu

In a spectacle that will be etched in the annals of cricketing history, Chamari Athapaththu-led Sri Lanka scripted a monumental victory, etching their name in the record books with the highest successful run chase in women’s ODI history.

At Senwes Park, Potchefstroom, amidst a crescendo of cheers and gasps, Chamari Athapaththu led her side to an awe-inspiring triumph, levelling the three-match ODI series 1-1 dramatically.

Athapaththu, the mercurial leader of the Sri Lankan contingent, seized the moment with a mesmerizing innings of 195* that transcended boundaries and records alike. Her blade carved through the South African attack with finesse, guiding her team towards an improbable victory.

On the opposing side, Laura Wolvaardt, the talismanic figure of South African cricket, showcased a masterclass of her own. Her monumental knock of 184* reverberated across the stadium, a symphony of skill and consistency. Despite the eventual outcome, Wolvaardt’s innings stood tall as a beacon of resilience and fortitude, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the cause.

In the wake of a pulsating clash between South Africa and Sri Lanka, the 3rd ODI bore witness to an onslaught of runs, setting ablaze the age-old debate of cricket’s equilibrium between bat and ball.

As the dust settled, two figures emerged to dissect the highs and lows of the encounter speaking to Neha Shetty of Women’s CricInsight: Laura Wolvaardt, the dynamic South African batter, and Chamari Athapaththu, the resilient leader of the Sri Lankan charge.

Wolvaardt, reflecting on the deluge of runs, offered a balanced perspective, encapsulating the essence of a contest that tantalized spectators and challenged bowlers. “I think it depends on which version of me you ask. As a batter, I think today was really cool,” she admitted with a grin, acknowledging the thrill of the run-fest.

Yet, her role as captain provided a lens through which she viewed the game’s tilt towards the batters. “Having to manage my bowlers today was a bit rough. My seamers would say they would have loved a bit more in the wicket, a bit more to work with. It was an exciting game of cricket. A lot of records were broken and pitches were always a good wicket to bat on. So we knew it would have been a tough ground to defend on,” she confessed, empathizing with her bowling unit.

Despite the challenges, Wolvaardt remained upbeat, highlighting the excitement and records broken on a pitch favouring the willow wielders.

Looking ahead, Wolvaardt pondered the path forward for her team. “We have some camps at the end of May where we’ll definitely regroup and probably have to have a deep look at where exactly we went wrong throughout the series,” she assured, outlining plans for introspection and growth.

Commenting on the growth of other teams in women’s cricket and assessing their own growth, she said, “A lot of teams are improving in their cricket and you can see that with Sri Lanka and how well and how positive they’re playing. If we still want to stay ahead of the game, we’re going to have to be a lot more aggressive and more positive and brave in a lot of our options. We will also speak about ways to do that over the next couple of weeks.”

With an eye on the evolving landscape of international cricket, she emphasized the need for aggression and bravery in strategic choices, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the game. In stark contrast, Athapaththu’s perspective exuded confidence and resilience, mirroring her fearless approach at the crease.

“My style is to see the ball and hit the ball,” she declared, embodying the essence of her attacking prowess. I always enjoy the ball in the middle. So I love the pressure. I know how to handle the pressure because last 15 years, I’ve handled the pressure as a captain. I’m enjoying my time in the middle. I trust my skills and my ability. I just play my natural game freely. I always take calculated risks with few ballers. I think Nilakshi de Silva actually batted really good. She helped me a lot in the middle. So finally we won. As a captain, I’m really happy about our team’s performance.”

Undeterred by the daunting target, Athapaththu embraced the pressure, drawing from years of captaincy experience to guide her team towards victory.

Reflecting on Sri Lanka’s recent successes, Athapaththu spoke glowingly of the team’s growth and aspirations. “Last couple of months, we beat some good teams. Especially this couple of series our batting department improved a lot and the fielding department as well. So our bowling department is always good, but this series, our bowlers were struggling a little because the wicket was not easy to bowl for the batters. Really good batting tracks.”

As they set their sights on the World Cup qualifiers, Athapaththu emphasized the importance of continued improvement, particularly in the bowling and fielding departments. With a steely resolve, she outlined Sri Lanka’s ambitions, aiming for nothing short of a semifinal berth in the upcoming World Cup.

“We will focus on World Cup qualifiers and our main goal is the World Cup. So we need some good wins. This year our target is the semifinal. So as a captain, I’m trying to try my best to go through the semifinals in the World Cup.”

Highlighting victories against cricketing powerhouses in recent times, she said, “We beat New Zealand in Sri Lanka. We beat England in their home soil and we beat South Africa in here. So we have had good positive things in the last couple of months. Now we focus on World Cup qualifiers”, she reminisced

In the aftermath of a thrilling encounter, Wolvaardt and Athapaththu offered insights into the intricacies of modern cricket, each reflecting the essence of their respective teams – South Africa’s resilience and Sri Lanka’s unwavering spirit.

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