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Bismah Maroof Announces Retirement: Here’s A Look At Her Top Knocks In International Cricket

Bismah Maroof, a stalwart of Pakistani women’s cricket, has brought an end to her illustrious 17-year international career. Maroof retires as the leading run scorer for Pakistan in both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20 Internationals (T20Is).

She amassed 3369 runs in 136 ODIs with an average of 29.55, including 21 half-centuries. In the shorter format, she accumulated 2893 runs in 140 T20I appearances, with an average of 27.55 and 12 fifties.

Maroof’s leadership qualities were evident as she captained Pakistan in 96 matches – 62 T20Is and 34 ODIs. Maroof’s contributions extended beyond batting. She played a pivotal role in advocating for and securing a maternal policy within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), paving the way for better support for mothers in the sport.

Bismah Maroof’s retirement marks the end of an era for Pakistani women’s cricket, and her top performances on the international stage have left an indelible mark.

Let’s look at the top knocks of Bismah Maroof:

43 vs India- 2nd ODI (2006)

In what marked the inception of Bismah Maroof’s international career, her innings of 43 against India in just her second ODI resonated with maturity beyond her years.

Aged only 15, Maroof faced a formidable Indian bowling attack with poise and composure, displaying glimpses of her future prowess. Though Pakistan didn’t clinch victory that day, Maroof’s innings heralded the emergence of a promising talent on the international stage.

50* vs Sri Lanka- ICC Women’s T20 World Cup (2009)

Maroof’s unbeaten knock of 50 on her debut in this marquee event showcased her mettle under pressure.

With Pakistan losing wickets in quick succession, Maroof’s innings not only stabilized the innings but also guided Pakistan to a respectable total of 104/7, underlining her ability to thrive in high-stakes situations.

99 vs South Africa – 1st ODI (2015)

In a display of sheer batting brilliance, Bismah Maroof’s knock of 99 against South Africa stands as a testament to her skill and reliability. Though falling just short of a century, her innings laid the foundation for Pakistan’s competitive total of 216/6.

Partnering effectively with Javeria Khan and Asmavia Iqbal, Maroof’s innings not only showcased her individual prowess but also her ability to forge crucial partnerships, ultimately aiding Pakistan to victory.

91* vs NZ- 3rd ODI (2016)

Maroof’s unbeaten 91 against New Zealand in 2016 demonstrated her adaptability and strategic acumen driving Pakistan to a stellar 263/6 in a match that went down to the wire.

Exhibiting a blend of clean hitting and calculated acceleration, Maroof’s innings epitomized her ability to tailor her approach according to the match situation. This knock not only bolstered Pakistan’s total but also underscored Maroof’s versatility as a batter.

60 v ENG- 1st T20I (2019)

Against a formidable English side, Bismah Maroof’s innings of 60 showcased her ability to anchor the innings in T20 cricket and guide Pakistan to chase a daunting total of 155.

Her knock played a pivotal role in maintaining a brisk scoring rate, thereby setting a platform for Pakistan’s innings, although they were edged out by 29 runs.

Maroof’s innings against a strong opposition and stitching partnerships with Omaima Sohail and Sidra Nawaz– highlighted her temperament and value to the team in crucial encounters.

Bismah Maroof (Image: PCB)
Bismah Maroof (Image: PCB)

70* vs Bangladesh- 2nd T20I (2019)

Maroof’s unbeaten 70 against Bangladesh exemplified her role as the linchpin of Pakistan’s batting lineup in T20Is. Anchoring the innings with finesse and attacking when needed– Maroof’s knock provided much stability and impetus to Pakistan’s batting effort.

Serving as the fulcrum around which the innings revolved, Maroof was striking at 140 and her contribution proved instrumental in securing a competitive total of 167 and clinching a victory for her team by 15 runs.

78* vs AUS- ICC Women’s ODI World Cup: Match 6 (2022)

Against the formidable Australian side, Bismah Maroof’s unbeaten 78 underscored her ability to convert a promising start into a substantial innings.

In what was an otherwise forgettable batting display, it was Maroof’s knock that proved to be the difference to ensure Pakistan had something to defend. Her partnerships with Aliya Riaz and Fatima Sana were notable.

Employing a blend of controlled aggression and calculated shot selection, Maroof’s knock bolstered Pakistan’s total against a top-tier opponent. This innings against one of the world’s best teams showcased Maroof’s class and temperament under pressure.

68* vs India- ICC Women’s T20 World Cup: Match 4 (2023)

In a high-stakes encounter against arch-rivals India, Bismah Maroof’s innings of 68 not out epitomized her ability to rise to the occasion. Stepping onto the pitch in just the second over, Maroof confronted the daunting task of accelerating the scoring rate on a sluggish surface with ample grip.

Undeterred, Bismah Maroof exhibited astute cricketing acumen, adeptly manoeuvring the ball to ensure Pakistan maintained a steady run rate, ticking the scoreboard over at a consistent pace. Her innings against a formidable Indian bowling attack likely proved crucial further solidifying her reputation as a dependable stalwart of Pakistani cricket.

As the innings progressed, Pakistan discovered their hitting rhythm, culminating in a flurry of boundaries and sixes that yielded an impressive 58 runs in the final five overs. This late surge propelled Pakistan to their highest total in a T20 World Cup match, setting India a challenging target of 150 runs to chase down.

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