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Women’s U19 T20 World Cup: A confident Sianna embraces Aussie’s win against India

India’s team dropped their opening match of the Women’s U19 T20 World Cup when Australia only allowed 87 runs from their batting lineup. Sianna Ginger’s three wickets helped bring the devastation to a magnificent conclusion after it was started by Milly Illingworth. Despite India taking three quick wickets, Australia was able to chase the scoreboard without much hustle and bustle. Claire Moore and Amy Smith stood up to make sure their team scored 88 runs.
Illingworth’s initial target was veteran captain Shafali Verma, who was soon followed by Gongadi Trisha. Richa Ghosh was one of the two wickets that Maggie Clarke took after taking over. Shweta Sehrawat, sought to be in good form, scored 21 out of 29 but was stopped by Ginger as India stood at 54/4. Titas Sadhu and Harshita Basu both scored 14 to put up a fight in the lower order, but they were only able to bring the women in blue to a final score of 87.
Kate Pelle, who was attempting to reach the low total, got off to a fast start before losing to Titas Sadhu for 17 off 13. Sianna Ginger and Elly Hayward each claimed a wicket in the following two overs, and with the top order crumbling, Australia’s total stood at 37/3 in the sixth over.
Claire Moore and Amy Smith succeeded in chasing the score in 13.5 overs while India attempted to recreate the collapse and turn the game. Moore and Smith each scored a 25* and 26* off 28 and 25 balls respectively to win the Super Six game.
Australia would benefit greatly from this victory, which would serve as a comeback after their defeat to Bangladesh in the group round. Next up for India is Sri Lanka on January 22.
Post the match, Sianna expressed her extreme gladness for the way the Aussies performed, and she exclaimed, “Very proud…! We came into this game (as) probably the underdogs. We have played games here before and lost them but it’s good here to win. And yes, very happy.”
“Obviously a bit nervous but not as much as the previous game,” she goes on to note on being asked about the nerves prior to the game, “Obviously India are a very strong team but we are also a very strong team. We were just talking about doing what we do well and just sticking to … (our roles)”
Commenting on Shafali Verma’s dismissal that was brought about harshly by Milly Illingworth, she said, “I mean, we know she (Verma) is a very dangerous batter, she is very strong, and she hits into a lot of parts of the ground so obviously such a big wicket to get her out.”
A positive Sianna thumped on her get going with the tournament as it makes its course and spoke deliberately about the confidence that she is holding up with herself which will help her score in the upcoming matches. Speaking more about her coming into the game, she remarked, “It was challenging, especially the Bangladesh game, that was quite tough, but it was so probably it was the best decision not to play that game. But (with this convincing win), I am happy with that.”
Talking about the upcoming game against UAE, she quoted, “I don’t know a lot about them, I will do some research on them and then yes, we are not going to take it lightly; they are in the Super Six, so they are obviously a very good team. Hopefully we can go and get them.”


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