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SA vs SL: “Everyone’s Really Excited To Get Going”- Laura Wolvaardt

South Africa under the skipper Laura Wolvaardt, stands poised to embark on a journey of determination and resilience. As the team prepares to face off against Sri Lanka in a series brimming with potential, Wolvaardt’s leadership shines as a guiding light, steering her teammates through the ebbs and flows of the game with unwavering resolve.

While responding to Neha Shetty of Women’s CricInsight ahead of the all-important series against Sri Lanka, the Proteas skipper Laura Wolvaardt shared her recent performances. Reflecting on the recent tour of Australia, Wolvaardt’s words painted a vivid picture of the team’s journey—a journey marked by triumphs and challenges.

“It was a bit of a mixed bag for us in Australia,” she began, her voice resonating with a blend of pride and determination. “We had historic wins in the T20s and ODIs, but then didn’t really finish the way we wanted in the test match. Obviously, we all went our separate ways to different tournaments and training back at Provincial Cricket for some of those going back home. So, it was very exciting to see everyone again.”

The go-to captain for all her teammates ft. Laura [Image: Getty]
The go-to captain for all her teammates ft. Laura [Image: Getty]
As she spoke, it became apparent that Laura Wolvaardt’s leadership extended beyond the boundaries of the cricket pitch. To her, the team was not just a collection of players but a tightly-knit family. “It’s like coming back to our little family when we meet up on tour,” she shared, her eyes gleaming with camaraderie. “Everyone’s really excited to get going.”

The conversation seamlessly transitioned to the upcoming series against Sri Lanka, a pivotal juncture in the team’s journey towards the Women’s T20 World Cup. Wolvaardt’s tone shifted, reflecting the gravity of the task at hand.

“We don’t have much cricket left as a group before the World Cup. So, these three T20Is especially are very important just to try different combinations and to finalise that starting 11 that we’d like to have for the T20 World Cup. Obviously, this is not a series that we’re taking lightly at all,” she emphasized.

Talking about the opposition Sri Lanka, who present themselves as a formidable force in the world of women’s cricket, Wolvaardt said, “I think Sri Lanka has been very good in the past couple of months beating England as well in the T20 series. So, we’re definitely going to be looking to start strong on the front foot. So, yeah, looking forward to tomorrow.”

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A series of paramount importance for South Africa [Image: Getty]
A series of paramount importance for South Africa [Image: Getty]

“Looking forward to tomorrow” – Laura Wolvaardt

Laura Wolvaardt’s captaincy journey, though relatively young, exuded maturity and resilience. When asked about her experience leading the side, her response was a testament to her growth and adaptability. “It’s been great so far,” she remarked, her words carrying the weight of her responsibilities. “I’m slowly getting the hang of it.”

For Laura Wolvaardt, captaining the team was not just about wielding authority but about embracing the multifaceted nature of the sport. “Being just a batter, I had to learn quite a bit about the bowling side of things,” she admitted. “But in the long run, it all helped me as a cricketer, thinking about the game from different angles.”

The Australia tour had its challenges, particularly with the unfamiliar terrain of test cricket. Yet, Wolvaardt approached each obstacle with a steely resolve, eager to learn and grow.

She added, “Having different cricketing conversations with different people and trying to do as best as I can as a leader. The Australia tour was a tough one with the test match as well. Obviously, it is not a format that we play that often so I had to learn a lot on the job there,” she conceded. “But looking forward to this series now and hope we’re able to get some series wins”, she concluded.

With the series against Sri Lanka beckoning, Wolvaardt’s leadership assumes paramount importance, guiding her team through the labyrinth of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

With the series against Sri Lanka on the horizon, there’s a sense of anticipation in the air, mingled with excitement and a touch of nerves. But amidst it all, Wolvaardt’s steady demeanour and encouraging words reassure her teammates that they’re in safe hands.

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