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WPL 2024: Gujarat Giants – Comprehensive Season Review

Gujarat Giants endured a tumultuous journey in the Women’s Premier League 2024 (WPL 2024), a campaign that unfolded as a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with fleeting moments of triumph overshadowed by persistent challenges and setbacks.

Despite entering the tournament with high hopes and aspirations for redemption following a disappointing previous season, the Giants found themselves once again languishing at the bottom of the table, grappling with a multitude of issues that seemed to impede their progress at every turn.

From the outset, the Giants struggled to find their footing, encountering early setbacks that set the tone for a challenging season ahead. Although we got to witness occasional flashes of brilliance and glimpses of their potential- the team consistently found themselves on the wrong end of the results, unable to string together the performances needed to climb up the standings.

As the losses mounted and the pressure intensified, the Giants found themselves grappling with a myriad of issues that seemed to undermine their efforts at every turn. As the final whistle blew on their season, the Giants found themselves once again at the bottom of the table, grappling with the harsh reality of another unsuccessful campaign. While the journey may have been fraught with challenges and setbacks.

A forgettable season for GG [Image: Getty]
A forgettable season for GG [Image: Getty]

The Giants’ campaign commenced on a disheartening note, succumbing to four consecutive defeats during the Bengaluru leg of the tournament. Despite showing glimpses of resilience, their initial struggles set the tone for a challenging season.

The Delhi leg provided a slight reprieve, with two victories offering a glimmer of hope amidst the prevailing gloom. However, these sporadic triumphs failed to salvage what was ultimately a disappointing season for the franchise.

What Worked Well?

Performances of Tanuja Kanwer and Shabnam Shakil

Tanuja Kanwer was a cut above the rest [Image: Getty]
Tanuja Kanwer was a cut above the rest [Image: Getty]
Tanuja Kanwer and Shabnam Shakeel emerged as the backbone of the Gujarat Giants amidst the team’s struggles. Their consistent performances with the ball provided a ray of hope in otherwise challenging circumstances. Even Bharti Fulmali stood up and delivered when the team most needed her, infusing some hope and optimism.

Kanwer took the most wickets for GG this season and her ability to strike wickets at will and Shakeel’s express pace and knack for picking up crucial wickets were instrumental in keeping the team competitive. Their presence inspired confidence within the squad, serving as a beacon of resilience amidst adversity.

Delhi Leg – Opening Pair

Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt complement each other well [Image: Getty]
Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt complement each other well [Image: Getty]
The resurgence of the Giants’ opening pair during the Delhi leg injected renewed vigour into the team. The combination of solid technique and aggressive intent displayed by the opening duo of Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt laid a strong foundation for the team’s modest successes in the latter stages of the tournament.

Their ability to weather the storm and provide stability at the top of the order proved crucial in rejuvenating the team’s fortunes. Their partnership not only eased pressure on the middle order but also set the tone for imposing totals, showcasing their importance in the Giants’ batting lineup.

Kathryn Bryce’s Strategic Utilization

The strategic deployment of the associate player- Kathryn Bryce’s all-round skills showcased the astute management by the Giants’ coaching staff. Bryce’s versatility with both bat and ball provided the team with a multifaceted asset capable of influencing games in various situations.

Whether anchoring the innings, providing breakthroughs with the ball, or effecting crucial run-outs in the field, Bryce’s contributions underscored the importance of effective player management in maximizing team performance. Although her numbers may not automatically show that, she delivered impact performances in crunch situations in the underperforming team.

Her ability to adapt to different roles and deliver under pressure proved invaluable in pivotal moments throughout the season, highlighting her significance to the Giants’ campaign.

Beth Mooney’s Form in the Delhi Leg

Beth Mooney’s resurgence during the Delhi leg provided a much-needed boost to the Giants’ batting lineup. Her return to form bolstered the team’s confidence and injected a sense of belief into the squad during a crucial phase of the tournament.

Mooney’s ability to anchor the innings and accelerate when required added depth to the Giants’ batting order, allowing the team to challenge oppositions effectively. Her leadership by example inspired her teammates and showcased her importance as a senior figure within the squad, elevating the Giants’ morale and performance levels.

Meghna Singh’s Contributions

Meghna Singh singlehandedly managed the pace attack [Image: Getty]
Meghna Singh singlehandedly managed the pace attack [Image: Getty]
Meghna Singh emerged as a pivotal figure for the Giants, making significant contributions with the ball throughout the season. Her ability to perform under pressure and deliver impactful performances in crucial moments showcased her importance as a versatile asset to the team. Whether providing breakthroughs with the ball, Singh’s skills added a dynamic dimension to the Giants’ lineup.

Her ability to thrive in high-pressure situations and deliver when it mattered most made her a standout performer for the team, earning her the admiration and respect of teammates and fans alike.

What did not work well?

Beth Mooney’s Captaincy

Beth Mooney's captaincy was not her best [Image: Getty]
Beth Mooney’s captaincy was not her best [Image: Getty]
Beth Mooney, despite her individual brilliance, faced challenges in leading the team effectively. While her on-field performances were commendable, her ability to inspire and unite the team during difficult times came under scrutiny.

The lack of a cohesive team strategy and a clear direction under her leadership contributed to the Giants’ struggles. Mooney’s captaincy style may have lacked the assertiveness and tactical acumen required to navigate the team through consecutive defeats, highlighting the need for a stronger and more dynamic leader at the helm.

Underperforming Indian Internationals

Sneh Rana was far from her usual dominant self [Image: Getty]
Sneh Rana was far from her usual dominant self [Image: Getty]
The underwhelming performances of key Indian internationals like Harleen Deol and Sneh Rana exacerbated the Giants’ woes throughout the season. Despite possessing seasoned campaigners with ample experience at the highest level, the inability of these players to consistently deliver on the field was a major setback for the team. Although Dayalan Hemalatha provided some glimmer of hope with good knocks, the lack of consistency was telling.

Their failure to rise to the occasion and lead by example further compounded the Giants’ challenges, emphasizing the urgent need for greater accountability and contribution from senior players within the squad.

Misfiring Overseas Players

Ash Gardner blew hot and cold through the season [Image: Getty]
Ash Gardner blew hot and cold through the season [Image: Getty]
Despite boasting a formidable overseas contingent, the Giants failed to extract optimal performances from their international recruits like Lea Tahuhu, Phoebe Litchfield and Ashleigh Gardner. The inability of these players to adapt to the unique demands of the Women’s Premier League proved detrimental to the team’s overall success.

Their lack of impact with both bat and ball deprived the Giants of crucial momentum and stability, underscoring the importance of recruiting overseas players who can seamlessly integrate into the team and make meaningful contributions on the field.

Phoebe Litchfield’s Poor Form

Phoebe Litchfield’s prolonged struggle for form through the season mirrored the collective downturn of the Giants’ batting lineup. Her inability to make significant contributions with the bat hampered the team’s scoring efforts and added pressure on the middle order.

Litchfield’s lack of consistency further compounded the Giants’ batting woes, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach to address individual player struggles and provide necessary support and guidance to reignite their form.

Chopping and Changing

The lack of stability in team selection and frequent changes to the playing XI disrupted the Giants’ rhythm and cohesion throughout the season. The constant tinkering with the lineup hindered the team’s ability to build partnerships and develop cohesive team chemistry on the field.

The absence of a settled combination not only impacted the players’ confidence but also thwarted the team’s ability to execute game plans effectively, emphasizing the importance of consistency and stability in team selection moving forward.

Underutilization of Domestic Resources

The domestic players did not get consistent runs in the season [Image: Getty]
The domestic players did not get consistent runs in the season [Image: Getty]
Despite boasting a wealth of domestic talent, the Giants failed to harness the full potential of their domestic players.

The reluctance to entrust domestic players with greater responsibility deprived the team of much-needed depth and versatility in crucial moments. Talents like Priya Mishra, Mannat Kashyap, Tarannum Pathan and Sayali Satghare were barely used or given enough game time.

The underutilization of domestic resources not only stunted the development of promising young talents but also limited the team’s options in terms of tactical flexibility and adaptability during matches.

Worst Bowling Attack

The Giants’ bowling unit struggled to contain opposition batters and lacked potency throughout the tournament. The absence of a genuine strike bowler and a reliable death-over specialist exposed the team’s vulnerability in crucial moments of the game.

The lack of penetration and consistency in the bowling department contributed to the Giants’ struggles to restrict oppositions to manageable totals, highlighting the urgent need for an overhaul and strengthening of the bowling attack.

Death Over Struggles, Mediocre Powerplays

The inability to excel in the death overs and capitalize on powerplay opportunities emerged as persistent challenges for the Giants. The failure to execute plans effectively during critical phases of the game contributed to their inconsistent performances and eventual downfall.

The lack of a clear strategy and execution in both powerplays and death overs cost the Giants dearly, underscoring the importance of meticulous planning and execution in high-pressure situations to turn the tide in their favour.

What Can They Do Ahead of the Next Season?

The think tank comprising Mithali Raj, Nooshin al Khadeer and Michael Klinger should be more tactful [Image: Getty]
The think tank comprising Mithali Raj, Nooshin al Khadeer and Michael Klinger should be more tactful [Image: Getty]
Not to Make Wholesale Changes Ahead of the Next Season

To avoid making wholesale changes at the next auction, the Gujarat Giants management should understand the importance of stability and continuity within the team structure. Learning from past experiences, where significant roster overhauls were implemented after the conclusion of Season 1, the franchise should be keen on maintaining a more balanced approach to player retention and recruitment.

The decision to refrain from wholesale changes is rooted in the understanding that consistency breeds cohesion and allows players to develop synergies over time. By retaining a core group of performers and building upon existing strengths, the Giants can aim to foster a sense of stability and familiarity within the squad, thereby minimizing disruptions to team dynamics.

Strong Captaincy

Investing in a strong, inspirational leader capable of galvanizing the team and fostering a winning mentality will be paramount to the Giants’ resurgence in the upcoming season. A captain who leads by example and commands the respect of her teammates will be instrumental in steering the team towards success.

Beth Mooney, acknowledging her shortcomings in leadership, has hinted that the franchise might need to explore alternative options for the captaincy role. Recognizing that she may not be the most suitable candidate for the position, Mooney has expressed a willingness to step aside to allow for a more ideal leader to guide the team.

The appointment of a dynamic and assertive captain with strong leadership qualities will provide the Giants with the direction and guidance needed to overcome challenges and maximize their potential on the field.

Bolster Pace Attack

Strengthening the pace bowling department with skilled practitioners capable of generating wicket-taking opportunities and maintaining pressure on the opposition will be crucial.

A potent pace attack will provide the Giants with the firepower needed to dictate terms and seize momentum in crucial stages of the game.

The recruitment of quality pace bowlers with the ability to consistently hit the right areas and extract movement from the pitch will add a new dimension to the Giants’ bowling arsenal, making them a more formidable force to reckon with in future seasons.

Invest in Domestic Talent

Identifying and nurturing promising domestic batting talents should be a priority for the Giants. Developing a pipeline of young batters capable of shouldering responsibility and thriving under pressure will enhance the team’s batting depth and resilience in the long run.

The promotion of domestic talent and providing them with ample opportunities to showcase their skills at the highest level will not only strengthen the Giants’ batting lineup but also foster a sense of pride and ownership among local players, creating a sustainable pathway for future success.

Final Thoughts?

As the Gujarat Giants reflect on a season fraught with challenges and missed opportunities, they must embark on a journey of introspection and renewal. Addressing the systemic issues plaguing the team’s performance, fortifying key areas of weakness, and instilling a renewed sense of purpose and determination will be essential to their aspirations for redemption in the forthcoming seasons.

While the road ahead may be fraught with obstacles, the Giants must draw upon their resilience and collective resolve to rise from the ashes of defeat and carve a path towards future glory in the Women’s Premier League.

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