WPL 2024: Shabnam Shakil Reminiscies Bowling Brilliance Against UP Warriorz

Shabnam Shakil, 16 makes her debut for GG in WPL 2024. [Image: Getty]
Shabnam Shakil, 16 makes her debut for GG. [Image: Getty]

WPL 2024: Mannat Kashyap and Shabnam Shakil shared a candid conversation post-victory against the UP Warriorz. Gujarat Giants played an impressive game, securing the game by 8 runs on Monday. Shabnam Shakil’s 3 wicket haul won her the Player of the Match for the game.

In a conversation with Mannat Kashyap after the WPL 2024 game, Shakil stated, “All the foreign players that were on my list, amongst them was Alice Capsey and Atthapathu. Even on the bus I was thinking of taking Atthapathu’s wicket.”

Kashyap interrupted on a light-note stating, “The credit goes to me, I fetched a brilliant catch,” to which Shakil couldn’t possibly deny. Further Kashyap asked what her plan was regarding wickets?

“That plan was simple. I bowled top off stump to bowl Shweta (Sehrawat) out, which is every pacer’s plan. I stuck to my basics according to my plans. Ashleigh backed me a lot, Beth Mooney backed me, even Mannat did, a special mention, obviously (on a light note),” said Shakil.

When asked about Shweta Sehrawat’s wicket in the WPL 2024 game, with whom Shakil played the U19 World Cup, she said, “I haven’t enjoyed Alessa Healy, Atthapathu’s wicket as much as I enjoyed Shweta’s. My plan for Shweta was clear. I know her well. I was clear about her next step and I bowled accordingly.”

Kashyap asked, “you know the game was an important one for the team. So what did Mooney say before entering the field?”

Shakil answered, “This was a must win match for the team. But our plans were simple, one more match, a fresh match and each one focused on their performances. Beth had informed me earlier that I was to bowl first, so I was happy to bowl with new bowl. I got a boost in that over itself, to use my strengths to the finest.”

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