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“We’re Gelling Well And Clicking Together Really Well At The Moment”- Sarah Glenn

England’s cricketing juggernaut gears up for a riveting showdown against New Zealand, anticipation is at an all-time high. With five T20Is and three ODIs on the agenda, fans eagerly await the clash of titans on the cricketing stage. As England gears up for their series against New Zealand, all eyes are on the squad’s preparations and expectations. The dynamic Sarah Glenn stands at the forefront of England’s campaign, whose recent insights into the team’s preparation provide a tantalising glimpse into their approach to the series.

Glenn, with her trademark eloquence and passion, offered a glimpse into her aspirations and the team’s overarching goals as they prepare to take on their rivals!

While replying to Neha Shetty of Women’s CricInsight at the England Press Conference, Sarah Glenn gleefully remarked, “Yeah, it’s been really good, the preparation and mindset before the New Zealand series.”

Addressing the evolving team dynamics, Glenn expressed confidence in the squad’s cohesion despite the addition of fresh faces. “We’re gelling really well, creating an environment that people like adding more people into,” she stated, emphasizing the positive energy brought in by newcomers Linsey Smith and Holly Armitage.

She also quipped, “I feel we’re just clicking together really well at the moment. When the girls get back from the WPL (Women’s Premier League), it’d be nice to have a joint reunion ahead of the series. One of our best hopes is out there, to get on really well and can just get back on with the cricket.”

Reflecting on past encounters with New Zealand, Sarah Glenn emphasized the importance of focusing on their own strengths while acknowledging lessons learned from previous matches. The last time England squared off against New Zealand was in 2021 when England comprehensively outplayed the White Ferns.

Speaking on the same, she said, “It feels like such a little time ago, our cricket has thankfully gone forward in that respect. But obviously, I will still take away the good and the bad. Looking ahead of the series, we will be focusing on us as a team and what we do best, obviously, we’ll take notes of some of their key players and how to maybe get them out or take them down with the ball. But I think, just from our perspective, it’s just focusing on ourselves. So keep playing our entertaining cricket, that we’re trying to do to inspire everyone.”

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When assessing the transitioning New Zealand team, Glenn underscored the need for adaptability and a fresh mindset. “It’s just focusing on us, going in with a fresh mindset and assessing what’s in front of me,” she explained, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the game.

She remarked, “When new players are coming into the environment, or even players you’ve played against many times, you might have preconceptions of them, but they might move the game forward and try new shots and things like that. And that’s what is really important in women’s cricket going forward is that obviously, we’re going to be deploying that franchise teams on our people and constantly progressing their games forward.”

England would look forward to repeat their 2021 heroics! [Image: Getty]
England would look forward to repeat their 2021 heroics! [Image: Getty]

‘The preparation and mindset before the New Zealand series is very good’ – Sarah Glenn

As for individual match-ups, Glenn singled out Sophie Devine as a key player to watch, emphasizing the importance of early breakthroughs in the game. However, she admitted to not dwelling too much on specific match-ups, focusing instead on her overall game plan.

She also added, “Obviously getting her out early will be key and I’ll be happy. And she’s a really good batter so that’d be like competition. But other than that, I haven’t really thought about it.”

Glenn also shed light on her personal improvement goals, particularly honing her variations and maintaining consistency in execution.

“It’s just my variation, I’ve added a couple to my game and it is something I do consistently in games now. But I’ve added just a couple of extra and I’m quite happy with my stock ball. I think for me, it’s just I’m not bored, but then being able to come back while my stock ball again (is pleasing). It’s just those transitions in between the balls (I have been working on). And then obviously, just keep pushing on my field and (work on my) fitness and batting. But with the ball, just those new variations,” she shared.

Discussing the role of mental preparation, Sarah Glenn emphasized the importance of thorough training and visualization to achieve a clear, focused mindset during games.

“Yeah, so I kind of like to overcomplicate it before the competition comes. But what I mean by that is that during training, I make sure I tick every box that I’ve tried every variation in the book. I just really nail down my skills, and think about what fields I worked in there. I do all of this, I can call it a mindset and I do that for the game. I can think of every scenario in my head so that when I go on the field, it’s just I then go on instinct at the time and just have a fresh, clear mind. And that’s kind of how I approach every game, every series. It seems to work quite well. So I think you just keep doing that,” she elaborated.

“For me, it’s probably just like the execution of my skill set,” Sarah Glenn asserted when asked about her specific goals for the upcoming series. The young sensation emphasized her desire to continue taking wickets and maintaining an aggressive fielding approach while also introducing new variations and tactics to her game. Her focus on executing her skills with precision reflects her commitment to delivering competitive and entertaining cricket on the field.

Sarah Glenn is a tough character and has evolved greatly with time [Image: Getty]
Sarah Glenn is a tough character and has evolved greatly with time [Image: Getty]
While Glenn’s attention is primarily on the impending series, she hasn’t overlooked the excitement surrounding the Women’s Premier League (WPL). “There’s so much going on,” she remarked, acknowledging the thrilling atmosphere surrounding the tournament. Despite her busy schedule, Glenn has been keeping a close watch on the performance of her fellow England teammates in the WPL, expressing anticipation for what promises to be an exhilarating final.

Amidst the flurry of cricketing events, another significant milestone looms on the horizon: the Hundred 2024 Draft. Glenn, who experienced the tension and thrill of the draft last year, shared her excitement for the upcoming event. “It’ll be quite exciting,” she enthused.

Reflecting on her own experience, Sarah Glenn admitted to the nervous anticipation of waiting for her name to be called last year. However, she now looks forward to the draft as a spectator, eager to witness the strategic selections and team formations that will shape the competition.

As England prepares to lock horns with New Zealand, Sarah Glenn’s aspirations epitomize the team’s collective drive for success. For Glenn and her teammates, the stage is set, the challenge accepted, and the journey ahead promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. As the world watches with bated breath, one thing remains certain: Sarah Glenn’s star continues to rise, illuminating the path to victory for England cricket.

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