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The Hundred 2024 Draft: Why Weren’t Indians Picked Apart from Smriti Mandhana And Richa Ghosh?

The Hundred 2024 Draft: The landscape of cricket is evolving rapidly with the emergence of new leagues and formats, each vying for attention in the global cricketing arena. The Hundred, England’s innovative 100-ball tournament, stands out as one of the most exciting additions to the cricketing calendar.

However, amidst the anticipation surrounding The Hundred’s draft, one notable trend caught the eye of many cricket enthusiasts – the conspicuous absence of Indian players. Despite boasting a plethora of talented cricketers, only two Indian players, Smriti Mandhana and Richa Ghosh, found themselves among the picks. This begs the question: why weren’t more Indian players selected in The Hundred draft?

The absence of prominent Indian cricketers like Jemimah Rodrigues, Deepti Sharma, and Harmanpreet Kaur from The Hundred Draft raised eyebrows among fans and pundits alike. These players, renowned for their exceptional skills and contributions to Indian cricket, were expected to attract substantial interest from franchises. However, despite their undeniable talent, they remained overlooked during the draft process.

Joining them were several other promising Indian cricketers such as Renuka Singh Thakur, Shreyanka Patil, and Veda Krishnamurthy, each possessing the potential to make a significant impact in the tournament. Additionally, last-minute entrants like Asha Sobhana further added to the pool of Indian talent available for selection.

We will explore the potential reasons behind the limited representation of Indian cricketers in The Hundred Draft.

What could be the potential reasons?

Clash with the Asia Cup

Is a clash possible? [Image: Getty]
Is a clash possible? [Image: Getty]
The scheduling conflict with the Asia Cup presents a significant barrier for Indian players participating in The Hundred. With both events occurring concurrently or the latter part of the Asia Cup clashing with The Hundred, franchises were likely hesitant to pick players who might be unavailable for a substantial portion of The Hundred tournament due to national team commitments. For franchises, having a player who might need to leave mid-season could disrupt team dynamics and strategic planning.

Furthermore, the Asia Cup holds considerable importance for Indian players, providing a platform for international exposure and competition against top cricketing nations. Given the national team’s commitments, players might prioritize representing their country over participating in a domestic league, even one as prestigious as The Hundred.

The looming prospect of the World Cup adds another layer of complexity to the absence of Indian players in The Hundred Draft. With the pinnacle event of international cricket on the horizon, players may prioritize national duty over participating and completing their stints in The Hundred.

Representing their country on the global stage holds immense significance for cricketers, and the opportunity to prepare thoroughly and compete at the highest level in the lead-up to the World Cup is paramount.

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Pay Bracket Of The Hundred 2024 Draft

Were the pay brackets too much? [Image: Getty]
Were the pay brackets too much? [Image: Getty]
The price bracket set by some Indian players, particularly marquee players like Jemimah Rodrigues, Deepti Sharma, and Harmanpreet Kaur at £50,000 each, might have deterred franchises from investing in them. The trio did have significant contributions in the WPL, yet it did not warrant their pick in The Hundred which is unfortunate.

While these players undoubtedly possess immense talent and potential, their asking prices– could have exceeded the budgets of many franchises. In a league where financial considerations play a crucial role in team selection, franchises might have opted for more affordable options or allocated their budgets to secure multiple players instead of investing heavily in a single individual.

Moreover, the reserve prices set by Indian players might not have been reflective of their perceived market value within The Hundred. Franchises assess players based on various factors, including their current form, international reputation, and compatibility with team strategies.

If the reserve prices set by Indian players were perceived as too high relative to their perceived value or potential contributions to the team, franchises might have been reluctant to bid for them, which could be the case.

Limited Overseas Spots

There is a cap on the number of overseas players [Image: Getty]
There is a cap on the number of overseas players [Image: Getty]
The restricted number of overseas player slots further diminishes the opportunities for Indian players in The Hundred Draft. With only three overseas spots available per team, franchises face tough decisions regarding which international players to recruit.

Given the high quality and competitiveness of Australian players in particular, franchises might prioritize selecting Australians over players from other countries, including India.

Additionally, franchises might perceive Australian players as offering greater familiarity with the T20 format and conditions similar to those encountered in The Hundred. This familiarity could give Australian players an edge over their Indian counterparts during the selection process, especially if franchises prioritize minimizing adaptation periods and maximizing immediate on-field impact.

What’s next?

In conclusion, the limited representation of Indian cricketers in The Hundred Draft can be attributed to a combination of factors. While the talent and potential of Indian cricketers are undeniable, the competitive dynamics and logistical constraints of the global cricketing landscape present formidable obstacles to their participation in leagues like The Hundred.

However, the absence of Indian players in this edition of The Hundred should not overshadow their contributions to the sport nor diminish their prospects for future participation in such prestigious tournaments.

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