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PCB Awards 74 Players with 11-Month Domestic Contracts to Boost Women’s Cricket

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken a historic leap by awarding 74 women cricketers 11-month domestic contracts, a pioneering initiative that promises to reshape the landscape of women’s cricket. This groundbreaking move not only acknowledges the players’ unwavering dedication but also aims to elevate the standard of women’s cricket across the nation.

Under the newly implemented program, 59 players hailing from the emerging and U19 categories, and 14 players who have already represented Pakistan at the senior level, have been granted these prestigious contracts. The significance of this milestone is underscored by the fact that this is the first instance of such contracts being extended to women cricketers, signalling a resounding endorsement of their talents.

The PCB’s decision comes at a propitious juncture, as a vibrant women’s cricket season is poised to resume on September 1. This strategic move is poised to bolster the confidence of women cricketers and invigorate their spirits, ensuring they are well-prepared to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

“The PCB is proud to announce this landmark decision, one that marks our unwavering commitment to fostering women’s cricket,” stated the press release from the PCB. The contracts are a testament to the players’ exceptional performances across a spectrum of cricketing arenas, encompassing domestic cricket tournaments, emerging tournaments, U19 domestic competitions, and the esteemed ICC U19 Women’s World Cup.

A meticulous selection process was spearheaded by the national women’s selection committee, led by former Test cricketer Saleem Jaffar. The recommendations of national and academy coaches were thoughtfully considered, ensuring a comprehensive and well-informed approach to the selection of these deserving players.

PCB Chairman aims to provide the right platform for players with these contracts 

PCB’s Chairman of the Management Committee, Zaka Ashraf, celebrated this momentous occasion, emphasizing the transformative impact of this initiative. “I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the 74 women cricketers who have earned these contracts through their sheer talent and dedication,” Ashraf remarked.

“Today marks a significant and joyous occasion for the Pakistan Cricket Board as we take a historic step towards uplifting women’s cricket in our nation.”

He further emphasized that this initiative transcends the mere signing of contracts, embodying a profound investment in the dreams and aspirations of these remarkable athletes. “Our women cricketers have consistently showcased exceptional skills and dedication on the field, and it is high time we provide them with the platform they deserve.”

Ashraf concluded on a powerful note, expressing his unwavering belief that empowering these athletes will reverberate beyond the cricketing sphere, inspiring a new generation of young girls to embrace the sport.

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