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Five Overseas Players To Be Allowed In Women’s IPL

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided that five foreign players will be allowed in a playing XI in the Women’s IPL. The inaugural edition of the Women’s IPL (WIPL) will be held in the month of March. Viacom18 has bagged the media rights for the event.


INR 12 crore has been set as the salary cap for the WIPL. The fund size will have an annual increment of INR 1.5 crore in the next four years. The amount will go up to 18 crore at the end of the first five-year cycle – 2023-2027.

Unlike the first edition of the men’s IPL, there is no provision for icon players in the WIPL. The information communicated to the potential participants on Thursday, the BCCI states that the player purse will start with INR 12 crore in 2023, and will go up to INR 13.5 crore in 2024, then INR 15 crore in 2025, INR 16.5 crore in 2026, and finally INR 18 crore in 2027.

There will be five teams in the competition in the first three years while a new team will be welcomed into the league from the fourth edition. Out of the five overseas players that a playing XI can have, one will have to be from an Associate nation.

What will be the prize money for the players and the teams?

BCCI is not holding back in terms of the prize money amounts that are going to be up for grabs during the league.

The prize money for the league will be INR 10 crore for the players and then for the teams, it will be INR 6 crore for the winning side. The runner-up team will get INR 3 crore in prize money.

The BCCI said, “100 percent of player prize money is to be distributed amongst the players only.”

The five franchises that will compete in the first-ever WIPL is set to be announced by the BCCI on January 25.

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