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Day 2: England secures a comfortable win over Zimbabwe, New Zealand smashes Indonesia to their first victory.

The second day of the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup witnessed 4 successful matches, as the major league teams defeated their respective teams. The day saw some easy wins for teams like England, New Zealand, West Indies and Pakistan.

While Zaida James carried the game for West Indies, they were able to secure a win over the Irish team. Eymam Fatima played an impressive batting inning leading the team to victory against Rwanda. Grace Scrivens picked 4 wickets for the English side and secured a convenient win over Zimbabwe, while New Zealand won the game by 10 wickets over Indonesia, chasing down the required runs conveniently.

Here’s a brief description of all games played on the second day of the tournament.

West Indies vs Ireland

There was a close tussle between the two teams. Ireland won the toss and opted to bowl. A smart decision, but they failed to secure the runs by a thin margin of 7 runs.

As West Indies batted, they made it a point to set defendable score against Ireland. Zaida James opened with Shunelle Sawh. The two led the team to a good start and provided the required momentum.

Although Sawh lost her wicket early into the game, James kept up and secure 52 runs in all. Naijanni Cumberbatch’s 21 runs, rounded the team’s total to 125 runs in 120 deliveries.

Freya Sargant secured 3 wickets for Ireland. Smart bowling from Ireland that led the opponents to a chaseable total.

Ireland needed 126 runs to secure the game but weren’t able to as they feel short of a few more deliveries. Annabel Squires secured 42 runs. The team happened to lose a few back-to-back wickets in the middle order, that led to their destruction.

Zaida James shined with ball in hand as she picked 4 wickets singlehandedly. A sad game for Ireland as they lost by a close margin.

West Indies 125/3 (Zaida James 52 (57), Freya Sargent 2/9) won against Ireland 118/7 (Annabel Squires 42 (38), Zaida James 4/20) by 7 runs.

Pakistan vs Rwanda.

Pakistan being among the favorites from Group B, started the tournament on a powerful note by winning their game comfortably against Rwanda.

Rwanda elected to bat first and were also successful in setting up a good, defendable score. But Pakistan being the team that it is, secured the game comfortably and won the game by 8 wickets.

Gisele Ishimwe batted well for Rwanda. With her 40 runs’ contribution, the team was able to set a target of 106 runs. During the chase, Eymam Fatima secured 65 runs and won the game for the team.

Pakistan won a comfortable game in 17.5 overs sparing 8 wickets.

Rwanda 106/8 (Gisele Ishimwe 40 (49), Areesha Noor 2/19) lost against Pakistan 108/2 (Eymam Fatima 65 (59), Henriette Ishimwe 1/12) by 8 wickets.

England vs Zimbabwe

The game between England and Zimbabwe, witnessed complete destruction of the Zimbabwean team from the English. They destroyed their opponents, first with bat in hand and then with ball. A strong win for England, providing required momentum for the upcoming games.

Grace Scrivens shined as she secured 45 runs as an opening batter and then fetched required wickets for the team. Niamh Holland and Charis Pavely contributed major runs and they led the team to a total of 199 in 20 overs. Zimbabwe bowlers failed to restrict their opponents in the first innings.

Not a very impressive batting inning from the Zimbabwe batters. They lost early wickets, wrapping the inning in merely 12 overs. They failed to secure partnerships and none of the batter was able to stay back longer on field that led to their ultimate collapse.

A game to remember for Grace Scrivens who secured 4 wickets in the second inning. Her wickets were backed by Sophia Smale and josie Groves.

Zimbabwe was able to secure just 25 runs.

England 199/4 (Niamh Holland 59 (37), Charis Pavely 45 (26)) won against Zimbabwe 25/10 (Grace Scrivens 4/2, Josie Grives 2/5) by 174 runs.

New Zealand vs Indonesia

The fourth game of the day was played between New Zealand and the newbies Indonesia. A tough game for Indonesia as they weren’t able to cope up with the strength of New Zealand.

They won the toss and opted to bat but weren’t able to set defendable runs in 20 overs. They started off on a low note, losing some early wickets. By the end of 20 overs, the Indonesian team was able to set up just 74 runs in 20 overs.

Tash Wakelin secured 3 wickets whereas Anna Browning secured 2 which led to further destruction. A good bowling performance from the Kiwis.

The opening pair of New Zealand, Anna Browning and Antonia Hamilton, both secured the required runs in just 9.3 overs and secured an easy win, sparing 10 wickets.

Indonesia 74/7 (Tash Wakelin 3/14, Anna Browning 2/12) lost against New Zealand 77/0 (Anna Browning 38 (36), Antonia Hamilton 26 (21)) by 10 wickets.

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