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Aussie Teammates share delightful memories of Meg Lanning, a perfect leader exuding pure class

The Megastar of Australian cricket, Meg Lanning, has been one of the most influential and highly impactful captains of all times. Her sheer class and the competitive spirits she exudes on field, holding the entire team together has helped her win hearts of fans from across the world.

Her own teammates look up to the kind of player that she is, as she has led the team for the longest time. Lanning has uplifted the Australian team taking them to new heights of victory and achievements on an international stage.

On a video published by cricket.com.au, Australian team shared their early memories of Meg Lanning. They spoke of the class she possesses and shared some off field incidents.

Starting off with Meghan Schutt, who said, “Meg’s legacy is incredible. It’s obviously the run scoring ability but her captaincy stands out the most to me. To perform under pressure alongside that is absolutely phenomenal.”

On alight note she shared, “I used to call her ‘serious Sally’ all the time, and she got a bit mad about that. Earlier memories of Meg where about scoring runs.”

Beth Mooney added, “Meg’s legacy will be one of character and determination. She is fiercely determined and passionate about winning.”

Nicola Carey said, “She is going to go down as one of the bests if not the best female cricketer or player of the game, I reckon.”

Sophie Molineux said, “It is pretty hard to put down in words. She has done a lot for Australian cricket. I feel really privileged and lucky to have been a part of it.”

“She has got such incredible knowledge about the game too, which is kind of useful when you are freaking out. She has done that calm face and although she must be freaking out on the interior, she has got that bliss to her face,” complimented Georgia Wareham.

“Meg is a brilliant cricketer and an insightful captain,” commented youngster Maitlin Brown.

Ellyse Perry also shared about her captaincy, calling her one of the successful captains, Australia has ever had. “She has done and contributed so much for the sport,” said Perry.

Perry and Lanning have been primary schoolmates. She remembers Meg from those days. “We played in some primary school competition together and she was always so talented and a determined character.”

“First thing that comes to my mind is successful. Before she was a successful captain, she was a successful player. She had been playing for couple of years, at this level, before she got the captaincy at 21. She was pretty young and taking on that great responsibility when she was young meant that she had to give up a lot of stuff because she was in the public eye,” said Villani who also remembers Lanning from her earlier days.

Tayla Vlaeminck said, “She doesn’t really get stressed. She is an incredible leader. She is very calming.”

Ash Gardner spoke about bowling under her captaincy, stating, “She comes over and doesn’t actually have much to say but just says take your time. It proves that she relaly cares about you as a player and you can turn to her and she will have the right thing to say. She is pure class and someone that you love having on your team.”

Catch on to what more these players have to say about their Mega captain. Be sure to watch the entire video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKXRB-qUqLo




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