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Asian Games 2023 Quarterfinals: Sri Lanka Persist Amidst The Rain; Bangladesh Reach The Semis

The Asian Games 2023 have been distorted due to rains, but the team spirits are still held high. We see each team trying their level best to keep up with the momentum of the game. While the quarter-finals were highly disturbed by the rains, Sri Lanka and Thailand kept their spirits high and made it through the 15-over game played.

How much ever disappointing as it may be to see the overs reduced, the teams and their relentless efforts to make it through the eliminators are immense. Sri Lanka has joined the bandwagon of Pakistan and India, having secured their game against Thailand, and they have made it to the semi-finals. The game between Thailand and Sri Lanka, being disturbed by the rains, was brought down to 15 overs per side in the Asian Games 2023.

Thailand having to bat first, opened with Suwanan Khiaoto and Koncharoenkai on the field in the Asian Games 2023. A not so satisfying opening for Thailand, as Khiaoto was lost way too early in the second over itself. Inoshi Priyadarshini’s first over was really an impressive one, as she picked two players in an over. Priyadarshini picked Natthankan Chantham on the last delivery of the over, who had to return securing nothing for the team. While the over gave Priyadarshini momentum to set foot, Thailand seemed to have been disturbed to a considerable extent in the Asian Games 2023.

The loss of both players was immense and was further aggravated by Koncharoenkai’s wicket in the 4th over. The damaged Thai side kept losing wickets continuously, all thanks to Priyadarshini’s brilliant bowling performance. The entire upper and middle order seemed to have lost their wickets to Priyadarshini. Thailand’s batting side was wounded deeply and just then Chanida Sutthiruang held the bat and secured a few runs for the team in the Asian Games 2023.

Sutthiruang’s contribution of 31 runs proved crucial in such times. While the entire batting order had collapsed securing merely 30-40 runs, Sutthiruang led the team to a score in 15 overs. With her contribution, the team finally settled for a total of 78 runs. Priyadarshini showed her heroic side. She picked 4 wickets, all including the major Thai batters. A well deserved quarter-final performance indeed.

Having to secure 79 runs in 15 overs, the Sri Lankan team had an easy path to walk. With the firm opening partnership of Chamari Athapaththu and Anushka Sanjeewani, the team was given the required momentum. Athapathathu secured 27 runs and Sanjeewani contributed a total of 32 runs. While both the batters were picked by Thipatcha Putthawong, Vishmi Gunaratne and Harshitha Samawickrama ended the game by securing the last few runs.

Sri Lanka secured a total of 84 runs in just 10.5 overs and won the game sparing 8 wickets. Sri Lanka thus escalated to the Semi-finals and will face Pakistan to make it to the finals.

The game between Bangladesh and Hong Kong was abandoned due to rains and Bangladesh having had a brilliant journey will face India in the Semi-finals.

Asian Games 2023: Thailand vs Sri Lanka Brief Scores

Thailand 78/7 (Chanida Sutthiruang 31 (24), Inoshi Priyadarshini 4/10) lost against Sri Lanka 84/2 (Anushka Sanjeewani 32 (23), Thipatcha Putthawong 2/21) by 8 wickets.

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