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Adani, Haldiram, Infosys among 30-plus companies interested in buying teams in Women’s IPL

As the day for the announcement of the five franchises for the first Women’s IPL approaches, more and more businesses from a variety of industries are expressing interest in purchasing a team. In addition to the 10 teams in the men’s competition, more than 30 conglomerates from the FMCG, IT, and other industries, such as cement, have submitted an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to purchase a franchise in the Women’s IPL.
According to a source on Cricbuzz, the Haldiram Group, APL Apollo, Shriram Group, Nilgiri Group, and AW Katkuri Group are some of the names who have taken the ITT. When the WIPL franchise auction takes place on January 25, not all of them will inevitably make a bid for a team.
Inspire by India Cements, Chettinad Cement and JK Cement have also expressed interest in purchasing a franchise in the Women’s T20 League (owners of Chennai Super Kings). The ITT has also been purchased by a few organisations from other T20 Leagues, including Capri Global (Sharjah Warriors in ILT20) and the Adani Group (Gulf Giants in ILT20).
It’s interesting to note that the joint owners of the Delhi Capitals, JSW, and GMR organisations went it alone and submitted their tenders individually, according to the newspaper. This has happened before as well, with JSW purchasing the Pretoria Capitals of the SA20 and GMR completing the acquisition of the Dubai Capitals of the ILT20, albeit under the same moniker.
The pay cap for franchises is slated to be INR 12 crore after a massive INR 951 crore media rights deal. This amount will rise by INR 1.5 crore annually till it reaches INR 18 crore in 2027. The playing XI for the WIPL will be limited to five foreign players, one of whom must be from an Associate country. The uncapped players’ basic prices are set at INR 10 and 20 Lakh, while the capped players’ base prices will fall between INR 30 Lakh, 40 Lakh, and 50 Lakh.
The BCCI has, in the meantime, disclosed an estimate of the WIPL’s costs and earnings. The BCCI will make up to Rs 125 crores from the sale of media rights in the first year, according to the P&L statement. The source’s income is Rs 162.15 crores in the following years. The financial burden on Viacom 18, which paid 950 crores for the media rights over five years at a rate of 7.09 crores per game, will be lower in the first year.
Accordingly, the team that wins the league will receive a central revenue share (on an 80:20 ratio) of Rs 28.08 crores, followed by succeeding teams receiving Rs 27.20 crores, Rs 26.33 crores, Rs 25.45 crores, and Rs 24.57 crores, in that sequence. This portion includes the Rs 77 crores in central sponsorship revenue that the BCCI has yet to disclose. Over the following four years, the revenue share will rise.


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