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“Emotions are Good If Put in the Right Place”: Harmanpreet Kaur

The entire world has been fighting against the global pandemic novel coronavirus which has brought the world into a standstill. It’s been more than three months that the lockdown is going on which forced everyone nothing but to stay at home. But India T20 captain Harmanpreet Kaur shares that she has learned a lot of things amid this situation.

She said to Hindustan Times, “I have contributed my time and energy in all those things that I have always craved to do. I kept a routine while falling in love with indoor workouts that I used to find extremely challenging. In this period, I’ve learnt that maintaining good health- mental and physical- leads to a fulfilling life. Staying positive by making efforts to not allow any negative energy or thought. But, most of all, I have gained a lot of patience.”

Being an athlete, it is indeed tough to stay at home and not being able to practice regularly. For her, it was no different where she said that it was traumatic as well. However, the vice-captain of India in the 50-over format, said that she is eyeing for the ICC Cricket World Cup which is scheduled in February next year in New Zealand.

“Later, with a new routine, I realised that it wasn’t all that bad. I’m desperately waiting to get back on the field and play matches, once things are normal,” expressed Harmanpreet Kaur.

Harmanpreet Kaur. ©Getty Images

Amid COVID-19 lockdown and its effect on people, one more news shook everyone was actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Last month he was found hanging himself in his room in Mumbai. Like many, Harmanpreet Kaur too was shocked to hear that news.

“The news of the passing away of such a talented and admirable actor was heartbreaking. It left everyone speechless. We have no control on life and death but God has given us the ability to control our body and mind. Physical and mental health is important and I think, the journey towards success is not very easy – some succeed in one go and some have to wait.

When we give second chances to people and things in life, then why not ourselves? If we learn to forgive and love ourselves, life will seem easier. Humans tend to rush sometimes, but it’s okay to wait and be kind to yourself. It’s important to handle success and failure with an open heart,” shared Kaur.

Harmanpreet, herself has faced many challenges in her way. While she has her share of failure in her career. While talking about how did she deal with the low phase and emotions, she gave a perfect reply.

“There have been times when I have felt a million emotions- both good and bad. Emotions are irrelevant after a while, and if we allow them to overpower us, then they have the tendency to drown us. Emotions are good if put in the right place. I learnt quite early in life that letting go is the best way to be happy. Not every day will work out the way we want, so we have to just keep moving forward,” concluded Harmanpreet Kaur.



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