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WPL 2024: Records Scripted, Milestones Carved

The Women’s Premier League 2024 (WPL 2024) has not only showcased exceptional cricketing talent but has also witnessed history being etched with remarkable records and milestones. From breathtaking performances with the ball to breathtaking partnerships with the bat, this season has left spectators in awe.

Let’s delve into the records scripted during this enthralling tournament of WPL 2024:

Asha Sobhana– First Indian to take a fifer in WPL History

In a riveting showdown against UPW, Asha Sobhana etched her name in the annals of WPL history by becoming the first Indian player to claim a fifer.

With her lethal bowling prowess on full display, Sobhana dismantled the opposition’s batting lineup, dismissing esteemed batters such as Tahlia McGrath, Grace Harris, Shweta Sehrawat, Kiran Navgire, and Vrinda Dinesh.

Her spellbinding performance not only secured a crucial victory for her team but also showcased her ability to deliver under pressure on the grandest stage.

Shabnim Ismail– Fastest Delivery in Women’s Cricket at 132.1 km/hr 

Shabnim Ismail, known for her fiery pace, set pulses racing with a thunderous delivery clocking at an astonishing speed of 132.1 km/hr.

This blistering delivery, unleashed against Delhi Capitals, not only startled the opposition but also set a new benchmark for speed in women’s cricket. Ismail’s ability to generate such raw pace underscores her status as one of the most formidable bowlers in the game, striking fear into the hearts of batters worldwide.

Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt– Highest Opening Partnership vs RCB

Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt showcased a masterclass in opening partnerships, forging an imperious stand against RCB.

Their formidable alliance at the crease yielded a staggering 140 runs, setting a new record for the highest opening partnership in WPL history. The duo’s synchronized batting prowess and unwavering focus not only propelled their team to victory but also captivated audiences with their sublime strokeplay and strategic acumen.

Deepti Sharma– First to take a hat-trick in WPL 

Deepti Sharma scripted history with a mesmerizing hat-trick, becoming the first player to achieve this feat in WPL history.

Her remarkable performance saw her claim a split hat-trick, where she dismissed the likes of Lanning, Sutherland, and Arundhati Reddy in rapid succession.

Deepti’s knack for delivering pivotal breakthroughs with the ball, coupled with her dynamic batting prowess scoring a crucial half-century, solidified her status as a game-changer, capable of turning the tide of any match in her team’s favour.

Mumbai Indians– Recorded the Highest Ever Runchase in WPL history

Mumbai Indians etched their name in the record books with a breathtaking run chase, orchestrating the highest-ever chase in WPL history.

Facing a daunting target set by GG of 190, Mumbai Indians exhibited resilience and determination, led by an awe-inspiring unbeaten knock of 95 from Harmanpreet Kaur. Their remarkable feat not only showcased their batting prowess but also exemplified the team’s ability to thrive under pressure and deliver when it mattered most.

Ellyse Perry– Best Bowling Figures in WPL history

Ellyse Perry delivered a bowling masterclass for the ages, producing the best bowling figures in WPL history with a sensational haul of 6/15 against Mumbai Indians. Perry’s devastating spell dismantled the opposition’s batting lineup, as she wreaked havoc with her precision and skill.

Her ability to consistently hit the right lines and lengths, coupled with her astute cricketing intelligence, made her an unstoppable force on the field, ensuring RCB was in good stead.

Sayali Satghare– First Ever Concussion Substitute in WPL history

Sayali Satghare made history by becoming the first-ever concussion substitute in WPL, stepping in for the injured Dayalan Hemalatha. Satghare’s seamless transition into the playing XI underscored her versatility and readiness to contribute to her team’s cause under challenging circumstances.

Her composed demeanour and ability to rise to the occasion exemplified the spirit of resilience and adaptability that defines the essence of WPL cricket.

The Women’s Premier League of 2024 has not only showcased the extraordinary talent and skill of its participants but has also witnessed the creation of iconic records and milestones that will be celebrated for years to come.

As these records stand as testaments to the players’ dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence, they serve as inspirations for future generations of cricketers, reaffirming WPL’s status as a premier platform for women’s cricket worldwide.

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