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Day 4: England and NZ win their second games to make it to the top of Group Points’ tables.

As the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup has gained limelight with some fantastical performances, some major teams have dominated the points’ table by securing 2 consecutive games.

Most teams have played 2 out of 3 matches at group levels. As they near the Super 6 stage, each team is seen playing with their ultimate zest.

The fourth day of the tournament witnessed another four major matches among teams like New Zealand and Ireland, Zimbabwe and Rwanda, Pakistan England and West Indies and Indonesia. The games witnessed some fine performances from teams like England and New Zealand as they won their respective games and made it to the top of the group point tables.

West Indies won their game by defending the target by a huge margin, whereas Rwanda surprisingly took over Zimbabwe and won the game by a decent margin.

Here’s a brief look into the games played today:

New Zealand vs Ireland

A disappointing game for Ireland as they were smashed by New Zealand. Deciding to bat first, they weren’t able to put up the required score needed to limit their mighty opponents.

Ireland wasn’t able to impress with bat. No partnerships were formed and they lost early wickets throughout. Some impressive bowling performance from Natasha Codyre. Tash Wakelin also picked two wickets and their wickets were backed by single wickets fetched by Kayley Knight, Olivia Anderson and Abigail Hotton.

New Zealand was able to restrict their opponents at a score as low as 74. They therefore, needed just 75 runs off 120 deliveries to secure their second game of the tournament.

New Zealand’s opening pair of Anna Browning and Antonia Hamilton did the major work. They together chased 46 runs and then Georgia Plimmer joined in to finish the required runs. Browning played a quick and steady game helping the team win in just 6.5 overs.

An easy win for New Zealand.

Ireland 74/10 (Zara Craig 20 (28), Natasha Codyre 3/6) lost against New Zealand 75/1 (Anna Browning 29 (14), Antonia Hamilton 18 (17)) by 9 wickets.

Zimbabwe vs Rwanda

A huge game for Rwanda as they secure the first ever game of the tournament. Rwanda was able to set a decent score in the first inning and were further able to defend the score.

Winning the toss, Zimbabwe decided to bowl first but failed to chase down the target set by Rwanda. Rwanda was off to a good start with bat in hand. The opening pair did a sincere job, helping the team gain the required momentum.

This led the team to a total of 119 runs at the end of 20 overs. The team lost quite handful of wickets. Chipo Moyo secured 3 wickets whereas, Kudzai Chigora secured 2.

Zimbabwe needed 120 runs off 120 deliveries. Although the team was off to a decent start, they weren’t able to win as the middle and the lower order collapsed significantly, without securing much runs.

Henriette Ishimwe secured 4 wickets in the second inning and helped Rwanda win the game. Rwanda secured the game by 39 runs.

Rwanda 119/8 (Gisele Ishimwe 34 (23), Chipo Moyo 3/22) won against Zimbabwe 80/10 (Natasha Mthomba 20 (25), Henrietter Ishimwe 4/13) by 39 runs.

England vs Pakistan

A tough tussle between the two teams but England was successfully able to secure their game to make it to the top of the point’s table.

England’s middle order, Seren Smale and Ryana Gay scored maximum runs and their partnership led the team to a huge total of 156 runs in 20 overs.

Pakistani bowlers too did an impressive job as they secured the required wickets, but weren’t able to restrict the opponents to a low score. In the second inning, the Pakistani team wasn’t able to secure the required target.

They lacked the required momentum and ended up scoring just 103 runs in 20 overs. A disappointing game for Pakistan, as they tried their level best but failed. England won the game by 53 runs.

England 156/7 (Seren Smale 37 (33), Anosha Nasir 2/20) won against Pakistan 103/5 (Syeda Shah 34 (36), Sophia Smale 2/10) by 53 runs.

West indies vs Indonesia

An impressive all-round performance from West Indies, as they won a deserving game.

With powerful batting performance they were able to set a good target for the opponents to chase. Zaida James played another impressive game as she secured 55 runs in the first inning. This led the team to a total of 177 runs in 20 overs.

Indonesia struggled to chase the score down and failed ultimately. They lost major wickets in the tussle and lost the game to West Indies as they were able to secure just 99 runs in 20 overs.

West Indies won the game by a huge margin of 78 runs.

West Indies 177/3 (Zaida James 55 (37), Trishan Holder 35 (14)) won against Indonesia 99/9 (Djenaba Joseph 3/14) by 78 runs.



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