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WPL 2024: Who Is Saima Thakor? Here’s All You Need To Know About The Pacer From UP Warriorz

WPL 2024: Who would forget the deadly death stares exchanged between Shafali Verma and this pacer from UP Warriorz who would end up having the last laugh? Picture this: it’s a crisp evening at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, the air buzzing with anticipation as the UP Warriorz take on the Delhi Capitals. Among the sea of players, there’s Saima Thakor, a name not many knew.

Saima Thakor, the latest addition to the UP Warriorz roster, showcased sheer grit and talent as she faced off against none other than Shafali Verma, the formidable Indian opener and Delhi Capitals’ powerhouse. On that electrifying evening on March 9, Saima stood her ground, refusing to be intimidated by Shafali’s reputation. With every delivery, she etched her name into the annals of cricketing prowess, leaving spectators in awe and opponents in disbelief.

It was the second ball of her over, the 15th match of the league, when the showdown began. Saima’s delivery outside the off-stump beckoned Shafali, tempting her to step out of her comfort zone. And step out she did, only to be met with a mock throw from Saima, igniting the competitive fire between them.

But it wasn’t just mind games; Saima backed her strategy with skill. With a slower delivery, she lured Shafali towards the cover fielder, all the while maintaining a steely gaze, a testament to her determination. And then, in a heartbeat, it happens. The moment every bowler dreams of. With a perfectly executed delivery, Saima sends Shafali’s stumps flying. It’s a victory not just for Saima, but for every underdog who’s dared to dream.

Saima Thakor’s journey to the cricketing limelight didn’t happen overnight. Hailing from Mumbai, she honed her craft in the local circuits, quietly making a name for herself with her impeccable bowling skills. In tournaments like the Senior Women’s T20 Trophy, Saima left her mark with a remarkable tally of 11 wickets in just 10 innings, boasting an enviable economy rate of 4.93 and an average of 13.00.

Her ability to maintain tight control over the game while snatching crucial breakthroughs caught the attention of cricketing scouts. But it wasn’t just one tournament that showcased Saima’s talent. In the Senior Women’s Inter Zonal T20 trophy, she once again proved her mettle, bagging 4 wickets in 5 innings with an economy rate of 4.75. Consistency became her hallmark, and her performances spoke volumes about her dedication and skill.

It was no surprise then that during the WPL 2024 Auction, Saima found herself in the spotlight. With her reputation preceding her, she was snapped up by the UP Warriorz for her base price of Rs. 10 Lakh. Her ability to swing the ball both ways and seam it off the pitch made her a valuable addition to any team, and the Warriorz knew they had secured a gem.

Saima Thakor impressed everyone with her bowling in the WPL 2024

Despite her undeniable talent and determination, Saima Thakor’s journey in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) was not without its share of challenges. In her initial foray into the league, she faced a tough start, going wicketless in her first three games. It was a testing period for the young bowler, but she refused to let setbacks define her.

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Saima Thakor continues to showcase her skills at the top level [Image: Getty]
Saima Thakor continues to showcase her skills at the top level [Image: Getty]
With each game, Saima remained spirited, pushing herself to overcome the odds. She knew that success in cricket, like in life, often demanded patience and resilience. And her perseverance finally paid off in a moment that she’ll cherish forever. In a thrilling turn of events, Saima claimed the prized scalp of none other than Harmanpreet Kaur, one of the most formidable batters in the WPL. It was a breakthrough that not only ended her wicket drought but also served as a testament to her unwavering spirit and determination.

Initially drawn to football, Saima found herself unexpectedly thrust into the world of cricket during her time at junior college. With the cricket team in need of players, she, along with a few other girls from different sporting backgrounds, answered the call. Little did she know, this chance opportunity would change the course of her life.

As she delved deeper into the sport, Saima realized the potential it held for her future. Recognizing the limited scope in football at the time, she made the bold decision to pursue cricket seriously. It was a daunting prospect, especially considering the financial challenges her family faced.

Growing up with an elder brother and a cousin who shared her passion for cricket, Saima found solace and support in playing with them. However, the dream of becoming a wicketkeeper, her desired position, seemed out of reach due to the expenses involved. Undeterred by the obstacles in her path, Saima made a heartfelt plea to her father, asking for just a couple of years to chase her cricketing dreams. While initially hesitant, her family rallied behind her, offering their encouragement and support.

But there was a deadline looming over Saima’s aspirations. Her family’s financial struggles meant that they couldn’t afford to let her pursue cricket indefinitely. Yet, despite the pressure, Saima persevered, pouring her heart and soul into the game she loved. As fate would have it, things began to fall into place for Saima during this pivotal period. Match fees increased, easing the financial burden on her family, and providing her with the means to pursue her cricketing ambitions.

As she continues her journey in the WPL and beyond, Saima carries with her the lessons learned from her early setbacks. With each game, she grows stronger, and more determined to leave her mark on the cricketing world. As she looks ahead to the challenges that lie ahead, one thing is certain- Saima Thakor is a force to be reckoned with, a shining example of perseverance and grit in the face of adversity!

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