Women’s Premier League: Players From Around The World Excited For What Is In Store

Women's Premier League
Women's Premier League will be played in March (Image: Twitter)

The most awaited Women’s Premier League is now set to take the stage this March. The BCCI is prepping hard for the inaugural season of the Women’s Premier League. BCCI has announced 5 teams so far. Adani group’s Gujrat Giant’s, Mumbai India, Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Capri Global’s Lucknow are in the race to win the inaugural title of the league.

Enthusiasts from over the world are all celebrating the league’s success so far, as in a few weeks’ time this dream will turn into a reality. International players from across the globe have also shared their joy as they foresee the changes this league is expected to bring to India.

Among them is India’s captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, who has shown zeal and immense enthusiasm for the league’s opening season. In a video conference, she said that the league will be a game changer, while also announcing that the wait is finally for millions around the globe.

Kaur stated, “I am actually very excited because we were waited for this moment for a long time and finally that time has come and this March and we are going to play the first Women’s IPL. I am actually looking forward to that.”

She further stated, “The amount of domestic players are going to get a number of games and they are going to play with or against the oversees players, that is something we are really looking forward to.”

The captain boldly and rightly stated, “The women’s IPL will be game changer for all of us and not only in India but also all over the world.”

Smriti Mandhana too rooted for Kaur’s statements and stated, “Women’s IPL is definitely going to elevate women’s cricket in India and also globally because it is an important tournament in terms of Women’s cricket.”

Mandhana further added, “Women’s cricket has been on a rise in the last five years and women’s IPL is something which everyone was waiting and the competition in Women’s cricket will also grow. In terms of India we’ve seen how Women’s Big Bash or Hundred has affected the respective countries. So, I feel that Women’s IPL will also help build lots of bench strength in Indian team and give a lot of domestic girls, opportunities, to learn from the best and be a part of the tournament and handle pressure that isn’t similar but close to international cricket.”

The world awaits the Women’s Premier League. Here are some of the tweets from notable players and cricket enthusiasts from around the world.

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