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Who Is Uma Chetry? Here’s All You Need to Know About UP Warriorz’s New Player

Uma Chetry, the young wicketkeeper batter from Assam has been named as a replacement for the injured Vrinda Dinesh in the UP Warriorz set-up for the remainder of the WPL 2024. The 20-year-old initially went unsold in the WPL 2024 Auction but the youngster has shown promising signs in the domestic circuit and in her outings for the India A side that makes her a fine pick by the UP Warriorz.

Uma Chetry first made headlines as she became the first cricketer from Assam to make it to India’s senior team when she was selected as a back-up and understudy to Yastika Bhatia in the Bangladesh tour of 2023. She was also a part of the India A team at the ACC Emerging Asia Cup 2023 in Hong Kong which India ended up winning. She was also a part of the victorious Asian Games squad representing India where the team ended up winning the Gold versus Sri Lanka in Hangzhou.

Uma Chetry- The Talent from Assam. [Image: Getty]
Uma Chetry- The Talent from Assam. [Image: Getty]
She was also a part of the series against England A. In her outings so far, she has carved a niche for herself with her performances and has a promising future ahead for herself. With an attacking ability to her batting and a strike rate of over 100 in List A Cricket, she ensures strong starts for her team in the powerplay. She is also a stellar wicketkeeper- supporting her bowlers with the right field setting and is a phenomenal captain for Assam.

In the England A series, she was crucial with top knocks- striking at 155.55 and in the finals of the Emerging Asia Cup- she stood out with a cameo that was instrumental for India.

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Here’s all you need to know about Uma Chetry – UP Warriorz’s New Player

In the heart of Assam’s Golaghat district, amidst the lush greenery and humble abodes, Uma Chetry began her journey. Raised in a household where breaking barriers was the norm, Uma’s passion for cricket bloomed from the tender age when she first grasped a plastic bat. As the youngest and the only girl among five siblings, Uma’s love affair with cricket wasn’t just a passing interest- it was a calling.

Even in those early days, when she could barely reach the stumps, her determination and skill were evident as narrated by her parents. It was during her primary school years, around Class 5 or 6, that she started honing her cricketing talent more seriously, finding solace and purpose at the Bokakhat Stadium in Assam.

It is worth noting that Uma’s mother, although lacking formal education, possessed an unwavering belief in her daughter’s abilities. She stood as a beacon of support, ensuring Uma never felt constrained by societal expectations or gender norms. Despite hailing from a family of farmers and daily wage earners, Uma’s dreams soared higher than the paddy fields that surrounded her.

Uma Chetry
Uma Chetry

The journey from the dusty lanes of Golaghat to the national cricket squad wasn’t without its hurdles. Yet, Uma’s talent shone brightly at every level she played. The Assam Cricket Association (ACA) recognized her potential early on, providing the platform and resources necessary for her ascent.

It was around 2011-12 when Uma’s prowess caught the eye of onlookers. Playing alongside boys from Bokakhat Hindi High School, adjacent to the stadium, she showcased her skills with a grace and finesse that belied her age. Coaches Raja Rahman and Mehboob Alam took notice, nurturing her talent and guiding her towards a path of professional excellence. Today, Uma Chetry stands as a symbol of resilience and determination, a testament to the fact that dreams know no gender or socioeconomic barriers.

With her selection by the UP Warriorz for WPL 2024 for the remainder of the season, it will be interesting to see if she gets opportunities and if the youngster can cement her place going ahead.

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