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‘We Are Trying To Get Everyone In The Zone’ – Ramesh Powar

India have lost their series against New Zealand. While the batting unit stepped up, bowlers failed to do well and they eventually lost the game as well. While talking at the post-match press conference, coach Ramesh Powar backed his side, as he believes the team will bounce back.

“I think we had only three days of practice sessions. I have to give it to players, in less time you can’t get into competitive series like NZ. There will be some rustiness in their approach. Lot of things being discussed, keeping in mind, going forward, simply in bowling we are trying to address middle overs where we can pick up wickets. As you must have noticed, couple of hundred runs partnership in the ODI, we are trying to break that. We want to take wickets in middle overs,” he said.

Ramesh Powar continued: “The players have tried their best. With practices, COVID situations and quarantine we are on a right track. Batting has clipped. We have discussed lot of things about batting; looking back to England and where we are now. We have scored 280/270. Batting unit is doing their job. It’s the bowling unit now to get into rhythm and understand there’s a restriction on practices, limitations, so I have to give it to bowlers as well. They will come back hard when the World Cup starts.”

While talking about Harmanpreet Kaur’s performance, the coach said, “I will stick to my statement. It is up to Harman to get back into form. Minds that work in pressure situations, we can create those in nets but then it’s up to the particular player to come out of that zone and do well.”

However, Smriti Mandhana and Richa Ghosh were sidelined for today’s game, having been asked about which Coach said that there are a few things on which they are working.

Ramesh Powar further added: “There are few things we are trying to address. We want to give match time to each and every player on squad (i.e. 18 players) because you never know which player can come in. WE wanted to give Taniya some game time. Richa has done well in her outings. And there is workload management as well. We missed our genuine fast bowlers. We played with Jhulan and Simran and Renuka because of the unavailability. Smriti will be available from the next game onwards. We have to follow certain guidelines from the government of NZ. After this game Smriti and Meghana are available. We can go a little ahead with our bowling attack, which we had done well in Australia.”

“We are looking at effort and consistency” – Ramesh Powar after India’s defeat

“You have to play under pressure. After Australia, we didn’t play any game as a team. We came straight to NZ. When we want to play as a complete unit (batting, bowling and fielding) you have to play before a series which didn’t happen. Eventually, we are trying that in the NZ series where we can put them under pressure and ask for things that they did. There is inconsistency. But there are lots of positives. Best fielders dropped catches and we are not looking at that. We are looking at effort and consistency of course. If my players weren’t consistent, it is due to short of practice, short of proper matches, that is hurting us,” Ramesh Powar again shared.

While discussing going to the World Cup with six bowling options he added, “That is what we are doing. If you see all four games, we tried different bowling attacks. With the limitations and unavailability of fast bowlers. We are trying to get everyone in the zone where they can bowl anytime. Be it powerplay or middle overs or death overs. Going to the World Cup we cannot set a combination like we are going with six bowlers or five bowlers, for every opponent our approach is different. We are trying to create combinations, it could be five bowlers or it might be sixth allrounder. We can use them according to the opponents.”

Ramesh Powar again said that they are not concerned about the spinners’ performance. “I am of an opinion that bowlers are bowling ten overs, they are getting match time and have a skill set. Where the pressure comes, they will rise and do well against the pressure in the World cup. You have to wait and see what kind of combinations we put up, there is no final combination, we are trying few things here and we’ll use that in the World Cup.”

While talking about Deepti Sharma and his plans for her, Ramesh Powar said, “Thank you for appreciating Deepti’s performance, lots of work has gone into it. Das’ work of batting on her and my work on her bowling. Keeping a happy quotient in the dressing room makes a huge difference to Deepti and other players. We are trying to create match winners in the squad.



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