The first week of the WBBL 2023 season has been an aggressive fight to make it to the top of the points table. While most teams have completed 4 games, some have played 3 with Sydney Thunder playing only 2 games so far.

WBBL 2023: Points Table

Sr. No Teams Match Won Lost Points
1 Brisbane Heat Women 4 4 0 8
2 Sydney Thunder Women 2 2 0 4
3 Perth Scorchers Women 3 2 1 4
4 Adelaide Strikers Women 4 2 2 4
5 Melbourne Renegades Women 4 1 3 2
6 Sydney Sixers Women 4 1 3 2
7 Melbourne Stars Women 4 1 3 2
8 Hobart Hurricanes Women 3 1 2 2


Brisbane Heat are in the lead with 8 points so far. They have successfully won all 4 games leading the table, standing way ahead of Sydney Thunder Women who have played 2 games and stand in the second position with 4 points.

Brisbane Heat has had a wonderful season so far, winning their games against Melbourne Renegades, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers and Adelaide Strikers in the WBBL 2023.

Sydney Thunder have played only two games and have secured both the games against Melbourne Renegades Women and Sydney Sixers Women. Thunders have had a great season as they lead the table not only with points but also with a net run rate of 1.718.

Perth Scorchers too have had a commendable series, while they lost a game against Brisbane Heat Women, their tournament so far consists of wins over Hobart Hurricane women, twice in the WBBL 2023.

Adelaide Strikers stand 4th on the points table with 4 points, winning twice over Melbourne Stars women. Adelaide Strikers have played 4 games so far, winning two but have also lost two against teams like Melbourne Renegades and Hobart Hurricane Women.

Melbourne Renegades, on the other hand, have had not so impressive season so far. One of the top teams of the WBBL 2023, has faced several defeats, with a single win over Adelaide Strikers. Renegades have secured just 2 points, and have faced 3 defeats so far.

Sydney Sixers too have had a dicey season, with one win over the Melbourne Renegades Women. Losing their game against Brisbane Heat, Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars the team has been able to achieve just 2 points as of yet.

Melbourne Stars sail in the same boat with just 2 points, winning over Sydney Sixers. They have faced defeat from teams like Adelaide Strikers and Brisbane Heat. While the team started their game on a high note, they have been facing defeats since then.

Hobart Hurricanes, despite their dire efforts and brilliant game so far, is still at the bottom of the table with just 2 points. They have won their game against Adelaide Strikers but have faced defeat twice from Perth Scorchers. What matters now is for the team to rise from the ashes and recover the losses from the previous games of the WBBL 2023.

A lot more is expected to change in the upcoming week. The first 10 days, with 14 matches scheduled is only a small glimpse of what is to expect out of the upcoming games. Only time will tell which team excels over the other and who all make it successfully to the qualifiers.

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