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[WATCH] Madison Landsman Creates History; Grabs Three Wickets In A Row Against Scotland

South Africa’s Madison Landsman, creates history as she becomes the first ever U19 woman cricketer to secure a hat trick at the ICC U19 World Cup 2023. While the inaugural season of the ICC World Cup is in motion, the young all-rounder from South Africa has carved her name in the books of record by picking three wickets in a row against Scotland.

Group D’s Scotland and the hosts South Africa faced each other, today, at Benoni. The game seemed to be a tough tussle from each side until Landsman stepped in with the ball in her hand to deliver the 15th over of the game. At this point, Scotland needed 53 off 34 deliveries, as they had taken off to chase the target of 113 in 120 deliveries. Scotland’s Maryam Faisal and Nayma Sheikh were on the field.

Landsman’s 2nd delivery tempted Faisal for a hit and was subsequently caught behind the stumps, helping Landsman bag her 1st wicket of the game. Muir came in to bat and as she hit a shot off the length delivery, delivered by Landsman, Muir was caught comfortably by Oluhle Siyo, compelling her to leave the crease.

WATCH: Madison Landsman Grabs Three Wickets In A Row Against Scotland

At this stage, the Scottish team’s stance was lost. They had lost a total of 7 wickets putting a total of 60 runs on board. Orla Montgomery walked in, but no change in luck for the Scottish team. Landsman bowled a smart yorker that hit the wickets off straight, as Montgomery was compelled to swing her bat in the air.

With this Landsman was successful in picking three consecutive wickets and created history by becoming the first-ever women cricketer to grab a hat trick at the U19 Women’s World Cup. This must have brought in positive vibes and risen the spirits of the Proteas as they head to their remaining games.

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