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The Roar Of Bengaluru: Shreyanka Patil And Priya Punia Shine In India’s Victory

The M Chinnaswamy Stadium witnessed a thrilling spectacle as India clinched a comprehensive victory against South Africa in the third ODI. Among the standout performers were Shreyanka Patil and Priya Punia, who not only dazzled on the field but also shared their heartfelt experiences off it, reflecting the joy and pride of representing their country.

A Dream Debut for Shreyanka Patil

For Shreyanka Patil, the match was more than just a game; it was a dream come true. Making her international debut in her home city, Bengaluru, she was overwhelmed by the support of the crowd.

“When I first came here for the 1st ODI, the crowd was going on and on. Not much crowd compared to today but whenever I was going in to give water, I could hear them go, ‘Shreyanka, Shreyanka’. It was giving me the feeling that I was actually bowling and that they are cheering for me,” she recalled with a smile.

The atmosphere during the third ODI was electric, with a full house cheering for the home team. “Today’s crowd turned out to be full house and we just went ‘Wow!’ We saw this in the WPL cheering for RCB, and when I was bowling the first over I just felt this was ‘Wow, man, this is so nice!’” she said.

Shreyanka’s excitement was palpable as she expressed her gratitude to the fans, “This is also my first international match in Bengaluru, and I was happy that it was on a Sunday and the crowd was like this, cheering for me. So thank you so much for this and keep supporting me. I was extremely happy to see the crowds coming in and we all love you!”

Her performance on the field matched the crowd’s enthusiasm. “When I got the first over and bowled the first ball, I knew something was on offer in the wicket. This turn offering for me was clear as to which areas and lines I can bowl,” Shreyanka explained.

“Once I started getting in that rhythm and then I asked Harry Di [Harmanpreet Kaur] if I could come from around the wicket because I was sensing a wicket then because Kappie had played 15-20 balls then and she hadn’t got the strike yet and when I told Harry Di, she was bindass. So when I came around the wicket, in my mind I already knew that there was a wicket.”

Her strategic thinking paid off when she asked captain Harmanpreet Kaur if she could bowl from around the wicket, sensing an opportunity to take a wicket. “When I got that caught and bowled, it was a funny moment because the last time when we played in Mumbai, I dropped two caught and bowled possibilities of Nat Sciver-Brunt and another batter. So this time when I took the caught and bowled, I was happy and could not believe it myself.”

Priya Punia’s Mindset Transformation

Priya Punia, another key player in India’s victory, spoke about her journey and the mental adjustments she has made to improve her game. “I think last time and from the past few months, I have been working on my mindset. Speaking to Amol Sir as well, he advised me and clearly told me what the expectations are from me,” she said.

The camps over the past 3-4 months have been instrumental in her development. “We would discuss what needs to be done and how to play with a more positive intent. Because if there is a mindset shift, it will show results.”

Being part of the team and travelling with them has also provided invaluable insights for Priya. “Seeing the way Smriti works or even the other batters was inspiring because when you are in the team environment, you see how they approach and play everything with a positive intent, and that helped me,” she added.

Priya’s efforts bore fruit in this match, as her composed batting alongside Smriti Mandhana and others helped steer India to victory. Her approach exemplified the positive mindset she has cultivated, making significant contributions to the team’s success.

A Celebratory Victory

The match concluded with India Women winning by 6 wickets, a testament to their skill and determination. Deepti Sharma’s all-round performance earned her the Player of the Match, while Smriti Mandhana’s consistent brilliance throughout the series secured her the Player of the Series title.

As the players celebrated on the field, the echoes of the crowd’s cheers lingered as a reminder of the unwavering support and love they have from their fans. Shreyanka and Priya’s reflections after the match highlighted the personal journeys and the collective spirit that drives this team forward.

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