The Hundred 2023: Northern Superchargers Register A Thrilling Win

The Hundred 2023
Northern Superchargers Register A Thrilling Win. (Image: Getty)

The game at Nottingham’s Trent Bridge seemed to be a tough tussle between Northern Superchargers and Trent Rockets in The Hundred 2023. A close call for Northern Superchargers who won the game by a thin margin of meagre 9 runs.

Having secured 134 runs in the first inning, the Superchargers called upon the Trent Rockets to chase the score in 100 deliveries. Superchargers had won the toss and elected to bat first.

Marie Kelly opened with Jemimah Rodrigues, but Kelly was lost too early. Fran Wilson caught Kelly on her 5th delivery itself. Rodrigues and Pheobe Litchfield held ground and secured the major runs for the team. Their stance helped the Superchargers secure the required runs and set 100+ runs on board in The Hundred 2023.

Pheobe Litchfield secured a total of 38 runs in 27 deliveries and Rodrigues added 33 runs. Georgia Wareham and Hollie Armitage secured a few runs and helped escalate the total runs. To add to the pre-acquired runs, Bess Heath secure 23 runs and the team settled for a total score of 134 in 100 deliveries.

Collaborative bowling efforts from the Rockets. Alexa Stonehouse, Kirstie Gordon, Alana King and Naomi Dattani all picked a wicket each. The good economy maintained by Stonehouse.

A decent target for Superchargers to chase given the 100 deliveries in hand. With Lizelle Lee and Bryony Smith opening, the game was off to a good start. The two batted and set the required foundation for the game. While Lee batted for 16 runs, Bryony Smith played a major share of runs in the match of The Hundred 2023.

Smith secured a total of 70 runs in just 44 deliveries. Her contribution was the highest with a strike rate of 159. Unfortunately, the sturdy bowling attack from the Superchargers kept the Rockets from winning the game.

Lucy Higham picked 3 quick wickets. To assist her Linsey Smith and Georgia Wareham picked 2 wickets each. Thus, the entire middle and lower middle-order lineup was lost in the bargain. At the end of 100 deliveries in The Hundred 2023, Trent Rockets were able to secure 125 runs at a loss of 7 wickets. They lost the game by a fine margin of just 9 runs. Beautiful comeback from the Superchargers, as they successfully secured their game and defended the set target.

The Hundred 2023: Northern Superchargers vs Trent Rockets Brief Scores

Northern Superchargers 134/4 (Pheobe Litchfield 38 (27), Alexa Stonehouse 1/10) won against Trent Rockets 125/7 (Bryony Smith 70 (44), Lucy Higham 3/29) by 9 runs.

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