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Celebrating A Milestone: Shafali Verma And Sneh Rana Reflect On The Epic Test Match

In the wake of India’s thrilling four-day test match win against South Africa at Chepauk, Chennai, two stars of the game, Shafali Verma and Sneh Rana, sat down to reflect on their remarkable achievements and the camaraderie that fueled their success. The match was not only a testament to their skill and perseverance but also highlighted the sheer joy and passion they bring to the game.

A Chat Between Champions

Shafali Verma, who scored a sensational double century, began the conversation with a light-hearted tone, reminiscing about the intensity and excitement of the match. She turned to the Player of the Match, Sneh Rana, and asked about her feelings following their victory.

Sneh Rana picked up 10 wickets. (Image: BCCI)
Sneh Rana picked up 10 wickets. (Image: BCCI)

Sneh, her face beaming with pride, responded, “It is a really amazing feeling. Winning a test match is massive on its own, and everyone wants to play this format. The fact that we have racked up three consecutive wins against England and Australia makes it even more special. Undoubtedly, it’s a great feeling.”

With a playful grin, Shafali inquired about the gruelling experience of fielding for over 200 overs in the humid conditions at Chepauk. Sneh, acknowledging the challenge, replied, “It feels really great. I really want to credit the efforts of the masseuses and therapists. Their efforts have ensured we are still standing here at the end of the four days.”

Shafali Verma reflects on her remarkable knock of 205 in a media interaction [Image: Getty]
Shafali Verma reflects on her remarkable knock of 205 in a media interaction [Image: Getty]

Shafali Verma’s Triumph

The conversation then shifted to Shafali’s monumental achievement of scoring a double century. When asked about her emotions, Shafali’s eyes lit up with enthusiasm. “It is a great feeling, certainly. First came the hundred, and I’ve been working hard for a really long time. I always wondered how batters reacted when they got to hundreds in international cricket, and now experiencing it myself makes me feel wonderful and great! I’m grateful and thank God for this.”

The Final Moments

As the interview drew to a close, the two cricketers congratulated each other, celebrating their collective and individual triumphs. Shafali, ever curious, asked Sneh about the physical toll of the four-day match. Holding the trophy aloft, Sneh described the surreal sensation. “It is a surreal feeling! All the tiredness just vanished when we saw this trophy, and it was an amazing feeling!”

Their conversation not only highlighted their extraordinary talents but also showcased the spirit of teamwork and mutual respect that underpins their success. As they basked in the glory of their hard-fought victory, Shafali Verma and Sneh Rana provided a glimpse into the heart and soul of Indian women’s cricket, inspiring fans and future cricketers alike.

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