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SA U19 VS IND U19 1st T20: [WATCH] Mannat Kashyap Mankads J Evans; Team India Recalls The Batter

The very first game between India U19 and South Africa U19 was a sheer example of bowling excellency and all-round efforts from the young Indian brigade that led them to a win. The game at Pretoria was won by India by a huge margin of 54 runs. They defeated the opponents, making them seem helpless against the aggressive bowling lineup. Archana Devi’s and Shabnam’s 3 wicket haul not only restricted the opponents but also sowed the seeds of confidence among the others.

Although the two bowlers helped India win the game, Mannat Kashyap was on the verge of finishing the game early as she ran a batter out at the non-striker’s end with her absolute presence of mind. But Richa Ghosh won hearts and became the talk of the town, as she decided to let go of the meagre mistake committed by the batter and recall her to the field in consensus with the bowler and other teammates on the field.

It so happened that when the South African batters, J Evans and J Botha were present on the crease, chasing their target of 138 runs, in the 17th over, when Mannat Kashyap came in to deliver, she caught Evans crossing the crease and took the opportunity for 8th wicket. She flicked the bails off, to which the opponents had no response whatsoever, compelling her to leave the field contributing only 4 runs, accounting for a fair wicket according to the ICC norms. J Botha seemed utterly disappointed at the act but stood helpless.

India’s wicketkeeper-batter, Richa Ghosh, not very satisfied with the wicket, called it off and recalled the batter. Her decision was exemplary, showcasing true sportsmanship while the entire act also catered as a warning to the batter. Richa Ghosh respected the bowler’s decision and at the same time tried to cover up for the wicket by recalling the batter.

Earlier this year, veteran India all-rounder Deepti Sharma too was condemned for her act of Mankading English batter Charlie Dean. While Dean had to leave the crease crying her way back, the wicket seemed completely fair and legitimate according to the rules and regulations stated by ICC.

ICC firmly states, “If the non-striker is out of his/her ground at any time from the moment the ball comes into play until the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, the non-striker is liable to be Run out. In these circumstances, the non-striker will be out Run out if he/she is out of his/her ground when his/her wicket is put down by the bowler throwing the ball at the stumps or by the bowler’s hand holding the ball, whether or not the ball is subsequently delivered,” according to the Law 41.16.1 of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Laws.

Now, what remains a question is the legitimacy of Mankading and for how long it is going to be looked upon as a petty wicket style.

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