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Jhulan Goswami Praises CAB for Introducing Genetic Test Based Diet

Veteran India speedster Jhulan Goswami has praised the Cricket Association of Bengal’s (CAB) initiatives of keeping a close eye on a proper diet of the players. They have done with the guidance of health experts to boost immunity along with online fitness session and classes as well.

“The CAB has been exceptional in taking care of the players during the lockdown and all these were absolutely needed to keep the players in positive frame of mind. Proper diet will boost their immunity and fitness level so that when they return to the ground after the lockdown period is over, they stay confident about themselves and their ability,” she said in a recent statement.

“In today’s world we all know how important proper diet is for any player and I am glad that the CAB has taken all these initiatives. It will definitely help the players to enhance their performance and be in a healthy lifestyle,” Jhulan Goswami further added.

However, genetic tests were introduced to make sure that the team gets proper nutrition and fitness advice which is personalised and scientific catered to each. It will not only help players build their stamina but also focus on immunity building and develop proper strength on skeleton muscle fibres as well.

Jhulan Goswami
Jhulan Goswami. Images- Reuters/John Sibley

“Proper diet is always an integral part of the game and during this lockdown, the CAB has put extra effort to keep the players in the best possible health with all these initiatives. The girls are following special diet plans, exercising with the guidance of online fitness classes,” shared Jhulan Goswami.

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“Not only the players but also all the coaching staff are following the same. Players can contact anytime the dietician or the trainer for any queries. These are much needed to keep up the level of fitness and positive mind,” tod senior women’s coach Shib Shankar Paul.

On the other hand, CAB recently hosted their first online interactive session for Bengal senior team. Former India player Deep Dasgupta, Shib Shankar Paul and batting coach Charanjit Singh were also there. As the entire world has been fighting against the global pandemic COVID-19, they took the initiative to hold the session. It’s because to keep the players in a positive mindset, shape and also how to handle pressure during a difficult time.



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