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“It’s A Great Feeling” – Shafali Verma

On Wednesday, Sachin Tendulkar congratulated Shafali Verma led the India U-19 women’s cricket team for winning the maiden ICC U19 T20 World Cup in South Africa. He said the accomplishment would inspire many girls to take up the sport and pursue their aspirations.

“I would likely to congratulate you on the magnificent achievement. The entire nation will celebrate (the triumph) for years to come,” the Little Master remarked at the felicitation ceremony and further said, “For me, my cricketing dreams started in 1983 but by winning this World Cup, you have given birth to many dreams. It was a magnificent performance.”

“By winning this World Cup, you have given a dream to young girls in India to represent the country,” a proud Tendulkar pounded with his bosom as high as his maestro. “The beginning of the WPL (Women’s Premier League) is going to be the biggest thing. I believe in equality for men and women, and not just in sports. There should be equal opportunities,” he noted.

Tendulkar claimed that the BCCI is making every effort to advance women’s cricket in the nation, ” What BCCI has been able to do and the officials’ contribution in helping women’s cricket prosper, I think it’s a sign that we will really do well (in future).”

The triumphant India U-19 women’s team received a cheque of Rs. 5 crores from the dignitaries at the brief felicitation event, which was also attended by BCCI secretary Jay Shah, President Roger Binny, Vice President Rajeev Shukla, and Treasurer Ashish Shelar, as had been previously announced by the board secretary.

A joyous and cheerful Shafali Verma expressed, “It’s a great feeling because we play for our nation, and we have won the World Cup – first World Cup. Really feeling amazing, the environment is also great and it’s the biggest of all my achievements.”

Shafali Verma also quoted to be grateful for the invitation at the world’s largest ground. She felt really cheered to encounter such a welcoming crowd along with the words of Tendulkar, Shah which she assured of taking with her in the course due to come.

“BCCI has supported too much. I had words with my father. He told me it’s all in your hands what all you want to do, and we have showed that done. We would not satisfy with only this instead will look for Cups like this, too,” she summarized.

“With us, the entire nation is happy” – Archana Devi

The U19 India coach, Nooshin Al Khadeer, turn the stamps up and finally spoke up to her heart saying, “If you are making 18 girls World Champions out of 120 and that too of an Under-19 lot, there is so much growth in future left for Women’s cricket.”

Shweta Sehrawat, the highest run-scorer at the tournament noted, “It’s the best feeling to contribute from your side for India that too which can bring World Cup for us. So, what can be better than this amazing feeling?”

“It was the first U19 T20 World Cup and India has become the champion so it’s a proud moment for us and our family,” said the most stunning of the bowlers at the World Cup, Parshavi Chopra, “And the support staff has really helped us a lot. It’s for them that we are here, we won the World Cup.”

Next was Archana Devi sounded moved with the heart for her nation when she mentioned India as her ‘family’; and she feels her side has gifted the most valuable gift to India. “With us, the entire nation is happy,” she pointed.

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