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Hilton Moreeng To Retain His Job As South Africa Head Coach Despite Internal Dissent

In a decision that has sparked a blend of support and dissent within the South African cricketing community, Hilton Moreeng is set to extend his role as the coach of the national women’s team. His tenure, already spanning an impressive 11 years, will persist into the 2023-24 season, despite calls for a change in leadership from a faction of players.

Hilton Moreeng’s coaching journey with the South African women’s team commenced in 2012, and his stewardship has witnessed significant achievements, including guiding the team to the recent home T20 World Cup final. His departure was initially anticipated following the T20 World Cup, leading to speculation about the team’s future direction. However, the decision to retain Hilton Moreeng has been met with a mixture of opinions.

A section of players within the squad has voiced concerns over the continuation of Moreeng’s coaching style. In a unique approach, several players conveyed their discontent to Cricket South Africa via email, reflecting a desire for a fresh approach after Moreeng’s extended tenure. This internal appeal for change, though driven by earnest intentions, failed to align with the vision of Cricket South Africa.

Nevertheless, Moreeng’s continued leadership is underpinned by a string of commendable results. These include the team’s noteworthy performances, such as securing berths in the last two 50-over World Cup semi-finals and notably, reaching the pinnacle of becoming the first coach to steer a senior South African team to a World Cup final.

Pholetsi Moseki, CEO of Cricket South Africa, clarified the organization’s rationale behind the decision to extend Moreeng’s contract. “It was never going to make sense not to extend (Moreeng’s deal) because of the back-to-back tours we have coming up now,” Moseki emphasized via ESPNCricinfo. This pragmatic perspective takes into account the imminent schedule of matches and the critical role continuity plays in team preparation.

South Africa’s busy schedule is a reason behind Hilton Moreeng’s extension

South Africa’s cricketing calendar is brimming with engagements, commencing with an upcoming tour of Pakistan in August. The team’s home soil will soon witness clashes against New Zealand, followed by anticipated visits from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, as outlined in the Future Tours Programme (FTP). A comprehensive all-format tour to Australia is also slated for early 2024.

Moseki underlined the necessity of maintaining stability during this hectic period, given the proximity of the schedule. “It would have not been fair to ask a new person to take over and have only a month or so to prepare the team for the Pakistan series,” he reasoned, addressing the concerns over the timing of the decision.

As South Africa’s women’s cricket team prepares to embark on a series of challenging encounters, the announcement surrounding Hilton Moreeng’s continued coaching role holds the spotlight.

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