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HCA Places Hyderabad Senior Women’s Team Head Coach Under Suspension Over Alleged Indecent Behaviour

The Hyderabad Cricket Association has suspended Vidyut Jaisimha, the Senior Women’s Team Head Coach, following allegations of indecent behaviour from female cricketers. The cricketers filed a complaint with the HCA that the coach allegedly spoke indecently while indulging in alcohol when the team was travelling in a bus last month. 

HCA suspended coach Vidyut after receiving an anonymous email on February 15 with videos of him carrying and consuming alcohol in the team bus with the Hyderabad state team. Further, the videos were also circulated in various WhatsApp groups and also shown on TV News Channels. HCA President Jagan Mohan Rao expressed serious concern and requested a thorough investigation into the matter.

“This is a matter of serious concern and I have asked for a thorough investigation to be done in this matter and a decision will be made based on the outcome of the investigation,” – Jagan Mohan said.

He also asked coach Vidyuth Jaisimha to refrain from cricketing activities in the HCA till an investigation is completed about the allegations. 

Vidyut shared his response Email to the association in response to his suspension, “It has come to my attention that I am being subjected to these allegations in order to undermine my credibility and in blatant retaliation for refusing to include a former Hyderabad cricketer’s daughter in the senior women’s cricket team,” quoted the letter.

Vidyut’s letter further reveals that the cricketer has threatened him. “On 02.01.2024, this individual approached me at my personal residence, threatened and attempted to coerce me into including his daughter in the team. I refused to oblige and as a consequence, I am now being targeted, maligned and vilified.”

He also claimed that, “A larger conspiracy at play and the individuals who formerly held positions in the Association are attempting to overturn the cleanup that has been made in the Association in an underhanded manner.”

One of the senior HCA members Vanka Pratap, speaking to the local channels, accused it was not the first time there have been issues related to Vidyut. “There have been many complaints (related to drinking) in the past as well.”

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