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Harmanpreet Kaur Praises Ramesh Power Of Being Ambitious

The Indian T20 skipper, vice-captaining the Test side, Harmanpreet Kaur, believes that the newly reappointed and 2018’s much-controverted head coach, Ramesh Powar is very ambitious along with being highly deliverable to the commitments and would put the side on a better level of glory secured with the promising performance on the international scenario. She hints at Powar bringing in the much-awaited thrust needed for the team’s utterance.

While having some good moments of words with the news agency, ANI, Harmanpreet excels up in a mounting hope from Powar as a responsible head coach and buckle up for the upcoming World Cup that awaits in the following year. She shared how the Test and ODI skipper, MIthali Raj has instilled her with gigantic energy and enlightened her how much the series against England and Australia would matter to the musts, just before the World Cup in the 50-over format.

Recounting on the credibility that the new head coach, Ramesh Powar shares, Kaur remarked, “Ramesh Sir gets involved in the team at all times and makes an effort to know the player’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, etc., and tries to work on them. He is very ambitious and that helps the team get the required push from the very experienced person.”

De-crowning WV Raman, former coach Ramesh Powar was re-elected and reined in as the new head coach for the side. Powar, the former Indian spinner, is not so new a face to the elegant Mithali Raj-led army, instead, he was the person who ushered way for the squad to make their way to the Semi-Finals where they, mismatched with the fate, got knocked out by Australia that further moved on to secure their name on the T20 World Cup Title in 2018.

Commenting on the experienced senior, Mithali Raj and what she has been imparted from the Test and ODI skipper, Harmanpreet Kaur said, “Mithali Di is the most experienced in our team, and from her, I have learnt to be patient on the field. She tried to stay calm at most times and that reflects on her personal performance.”

All set to garland his first assignment after his selection as the new Head Coach, Ramesh Powar along with the side will take on England on and from June 16 for a month-long multi-format series, where they will square-off in a one-off Test, three ODIs and T20s each, followed by the face-off against Australia in September-October which includes one Day-Night Test match, fascinatingly called as the Pink Ball Test.



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