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From The Rift To Two Tests, Mithali Raj-Ramesh Powar Address The Media Before Leaving

The Indian skipper, Mithali Raj and the newly appointed Head Coach, Ramesh Powar, who had previously served for the side back in 2018, came on to address a press conference prior to the team leaving for the month-long UK tour.
On being asked about the interactions between Mithali Raj and Ramesh Powar, Mithali said that it’s better to move on because it has been three years for the controversy to get over and not stick to an incident keeping in mind it’s 2021.

She stressed on new upcoming matches and series coming in to be in focus and not the past gone incident. While on the other hand, Ramesh Powar went on confidently to answer that of course the skipper and the coach have interacted well otherwise he wouldn’t have made it again to the side.

“After three years, there are larger goals, big pictures, India Women’s Cricket, BCCI, responsibility and opportunity.” He also remarked that it’s a great opportunity for himself as a coach, for Mithali and the entire team to take the level of the game in India to another stage and that too when the Council is supporting them so much. He also says that the forthcoming series is not an ideal though amid the quarantine, instead they are looking towards the bright side and that includes the opportunities that the Women’s cricket in India is getting, be it Test or ODI or T20.

He expressed his gratitude towards BCCI on behalf of the team for putting up such a high-rated tour. He admitted the fact that they are playing after a long time, but apart from that he also tried to signify to be laid away from the fact and play quality cricket. “We are trying to create a positive vibe around Test Cricket,” he added. Although the team is somewhat new to the Test format, the team has kept their minds open to the game and are ready to pan up.

Mithali Raj came up to show an equivalent side as the Men’s one, commenting on the fact that her side has been interacting well with the male counterparts whenever they cross paths. She says that the latter has played a lot of cricket in the UK, especially test, so it is somewhere or the other going to help most of the girls who are playing Test for the first time while talking to them about their experiences from England tours.

This kind of ceremony, to Raj, is a much important knock as it helps the girls keep the good-going and also let the sport alive that has been laid forward for today by the legends in the past for the current generations to inspire the future generations. It is an atmosphere that needs to be built to inspire the side of the rich past of cricket that the legends have left for the current generation.

“Getting into a new format is very challenging, I personally believe. So the unveiling of the white jersey was just an occasion to make the team feel very special,” she said.

Accompanying Mithali Raj, Powar also joined to say that be it with the Mumbai team that he has lead in the recent past or the Indian team now, he always signs up for a purpose and he felt the need for this jersey session to be held to showcase and make the glorious journey of Indian Women’s cricket familiar to the team. “And when you wear the jersey, the India T-Shirt, it becomes the purpose that why you are playing the game?” he said.

He believes that it’s the purpose, most importantly that keeps you going otherwise one cannot make that atmosphere perform consistently for a longer period of time. On being asked about the exposure towards test cricket, Mithali said that it’s good to have test matches, no matter if it’s home or away and that too when the continuity is there in it. She also expresses that sometimes it is nice to go in without baggage, just go and have a nice time.

“Having two back to back Test matches can give a lot of exposure to the current lot,” she believes, “is that can be carried forward, it will be great for the game.” And Powar also seconded her saying that as a Head Coach it’s a good start and he expects more and more of this format to be executed. He stressed his way of coaching where he believes in a step-by-step implementation of things without putting much pressure on the side in one go.

He also expects a few surprises from the side where they can come about with many good things to see even in the all-new format which is not being played consistently. He also said that he doesn’t have any milestone to be achieved, instead, he is just there with the girls to help them secure a glorious game. He also says that despite a milestone, with good cricket the things will fall in places at the right time.



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