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7 Tests, 135 ODIs And 159 T20Is To Be Played In The First Women’s International FTP

The ICC on Tuesday unveiled the first Women’s International FTP (Future Tours Programme), which includes 301 international games between 2022 and 2025. The cycle started in May of the current year and will end after the ODI World Cup is over in 2025.

Seven Tests, 159 T20Is, and 135 ODIs make up the three-year schedule for women’s cricket, which also includes the schedule for the 2022–25 ICC Women’s Championship, the route to the upcoming ODI World Cup in India.

The solo Ashes, beginning with England’s trip to Australia in 2024–2025, is one of the FTP’s highlights. The most Tests are played by England (5), then by Australia (4), South Africa (3), and India (2).

India will host one Test match against England and one Test match against Australia. Australia’s test match in India in 2023–2024 will be their first there since 1984, while England’s last Test match there was in 2005.

Teams will compete in a three-match bilateral ODI series as part of the 2022–25 ICC Women’s Championship to advance to the 2025 World Cup. The ICC Women’s Championship now has ten teams instead of eight as a result of the addition of Bangladesh and Ireland from the previous cycle.

The top five teams in the standings, together with the hosts India, will receive direct qualifying to the 2025 World Cup. Each side will play eight ODI series (four at home and four away). For the final two berths in the 2025 World Cup, the bottom four teams in the ICC Women’s Championship will compete against four other teams in a qualification competition.

“This is a huge moment for the women’s game,” ICC general manager of cricket, Wasim Khan, said. “This FTP not only lends certainty to future cricket tours but also sets the base for a structure that is sure to grow in the coming years.”

For instance, Bangladesh will play 24 international matches throughout the new three-year cycle as opposed to 11 during the last cycle. Bangladesh will face each of these nations in a three-game bilateral series after facing Australia, England, and New Zealand for the first time at the 2022 World Cup in New Zealand. Ireland’s entry in the women’s FTP will result in a boost in games as well.

The teams that qualify for ICC global events will be determined primarily by team rankings, which will be calculated based on all bilateral T20I matches played in the FTP. The first Women’s IPL will take place in March 2023, which is a clear window into the women’s FTP.

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