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Fatima Sana finally meets her inspiration Ellyse Perry

The Pakistan women’s white-ball tour of Australia just concluded. The visitors suffered crushing defeats in the ODI and T20i series, losing the last game by a score of 3-0 and 2-0, respectively.

Despite the unfavourable results for Pakistani women, the girls in green experienced a significant learning curve. The girls in green were spotted chatting with the Australian players after the final one-day international between the two teams, learning crucial lessons from the members of one of the top teams in the world.

Fans on social media paid close attention to one particular footage. After the last T20I between Pakistan and Australia in Canberra on Sunday, Sana, who had previously stated her desire to meet Perry and had asked for the latter’s countrywoman Jessica Jonassen because she felt uncomfortable addressing the star all-arounder personally, finally got to meet her favourite player.

Sana may be seen speaking with Perry about how to quicken the bowling speed in a video provided by the Australian Women’s Cricket Team.

Sana’s passion to the game and her bowling were praised by the Australian veteran, who also gave the child some helpful bowing advice.

Sana can be seen asking Jonassen to introduce her to Perry in a video that the Australia Women’s Team posted on Twitter earlier after the third and final ODI of the three-match series.

And the following are the excerpts of the conversation that took place between Sana and Perry.

A curious Sana asked, “How you get your extra pace in bowling? Because when I was young you were at 125, 124 in bowling,” to which Perry promptly replied, “I need to get back there. I think that’s technique. And then a combination of that and then strength and power. Yeah, you have got more pace in you. Keep working on it.”

Perry wanted to know whether Sana has a bowling coach to which she said that she is doing it all by herself. Hearing that, an awestruck Perry pointed, “Well, I think that’s the biggest thing. If you can work on it, it’s going to take a while. But yes, I don’t know, like I need to get some pace back. And a lot of it is like weight going forward, good brace leg.”

“Actually, when I was young, I was every time watching you like this so that was the main thing, your loadings,” she emphasized on the way she has observed Perry deliver. The Australian pacer then answered, “I am a bit different to some bowlers, but I think once you get into your bowling like once you are there it’s like how quickly you can transfer when you land. So, when your back foot lands, can you transfer really quickly to the front foot? And get over? Brace your leg and get over it, I guess. If that makes sense.” “Yeah,” she nodded.

Perry appreciated Sana saying, “But you have got a great action. Yeah, you do lots. You’ll get quicker, just keep working on it.” The conversation concluded with a “Thank you!” from the youngster and a memorable picture of both.



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