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Chloe Tryon excited for the first match of the Hundred, says “I love this format”

Ahead of her team, London Spirit’s first game in The Hundred, South African all-rounder Chloe Tryon, in an interview to Marylebone Cricket Club, took to her stance to say, “It (the preparation) has been fantastic.” She talks about the first game of the season, the new format, new rules. “It’s really exciting to watch the game last night, it has been electric and a lot of entertainment, so really excited to get into the park,” she said.

As she says, the game is really important for her, especially then when she is just coming straight into quarantine. She talks about her opportunity “to play really well here in tomorrow’s game” and is very excited to be a part of the game.

Realizing to be an overseas player and playing in conditions like that of Edgbaston, Tryon added, “The times we are into right now, really pleased and it’s an honour to play for London Spirit, and to watch yesterday’s crowd in the times that we are in now is really exciting.” Owing to her last few fixtures, Lord’s has become the home ground of Tryon.

Noting about the differences this form of 100-ball cricket has than the usual T20 format, she remarked, “. . . it’s lot more faster; 100 balls, you think it goes quite quickly but actually it takes lot of time, so make sure you have to use those hundred balls.” As she says “I love this format,” she believes it too with a sober smile on her face that the game is really entertaining and her team will enjoy playing the same.

“A lot of energy!” Tryon pointed and further added, “It’s a lovely atmosphere where you can feel the crowd.” She talks of the newest format bringing energy as she move into the Lord’s ground and also says that the feeling gets one going.

Coming to Heather Knight, she commemorates the season of WBBL where she came along Knight. “(She is) a fantastic leader. Love playing underneath her. To hear that she is the captain was really exciting,” she concluded.



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