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CAB Organises Webinar for Wicketkeepers Under the Guidance of Deep Dasgupta

On Sunday, the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has organised a wicket-keeping webinar for the benefit of the women wicketkeepers of the state under the guidance of former Indian wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta. Elite team players Richa Ghosh, Parna Paul, Aparna Mondal and Sanstitha Biswas have participated in the webinar. Head coach Shib Sankar Pal and batting coach Charanjit Singh also took part in the session.

Deep Dasgupta mostly emphasised the importance of mental health amid this critical situation due to the COVID-19 which nearly brought the world into a standstill. All the sporting events across the globe have either been stopped or cancelled as well.

“It had more to do with mentally being strong and focused and how to stay positive with cricketing issues. Staying positive now matters the most and it will have a positive effect when they (players) get back to the ground. What to keep in mind during their drills was another topic of discussion,” said Deep Dasgupta.

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Coach Shib Sankar Pal also welcomed the session. “They got morally boosted. It will give them more confidence when they play again. They are regularly in touch with cricket. When the girls practise again, Deep will be present for some classes,” he said.

Richa Ghosh, who made her India debut during the ICC T20 World Cup earlier this year in Australia, has attended the webinar. She said, “It was a useful session and taught us how to stay positive in a game even if you make a mistake. We asked questions to Deep Sir and he answered them, talking about his experience.” 

However, this is not new as the CAB has done that before too. They recently organised a Power Yoga webinar for the under-19 cricketers under the supervision of yoga instructor Suman Bhat to keep them mentally and physically fit during the lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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