Bangladesh fights back, secures the first T20 game.


After the two teams, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, weren’t not able to give in their level bests, given the weather conditions and cancelled games, the Bangladeshi team has come full force against the hosts to secure their first T20 game.

The very first T20 game between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has followed the three ODI games scheduled to be held. Out of these, only one game got underway due to weather restrictions and Sri Lanka was a on lead winning the game. Three T20 games will now be played between the two teams to make a complete bilateral tournament.

All three games will be held at SCC (Sinhalese Cricket Club) Ground of Sri Lanka. The first game witnessed Sri Lanka’s call to bat first against Bangladesh. A good call for Sri Lanka as Chamari Atapattu and Vishmi Gunaratne opened bat.

Atapattu played a reliable inning as always as she secured 38 runs in 28 deliveries. Vishmi also played at an impressive strike rate of 137 but was lost early to Fariha Trisna’s delivery. Harshitha Samawickrama carried the game forward and offered the required backbone to the game. She played a fantastic inning of 45 off 44 deliveries and led the team to a safe score of 140+.

Nilakshi De Silva also contributed a few runs. The team settled for a safe total of 145 runs in 20 overs. A few wickets were lost in the end which came as a devastating news for the lower order batters. Fahima Khatun shined with ball in her hand and took the required wickets.

Sri Lanka seemed to have rounded up for not a very impressive score. The score was difficult to defend especially with Bangladesh batting on the other hand.

To Sri Lanka’s fortune, Bangladesh lost two early wickets in the form of the openers. Shamima Sultana and Runya Haider Jhillik were lost early on Kawya Kavindi and Udeshika Prabhodhani’s deliveries, respectively.

But Nigar Sultana came to Bangladesh’s rescue and played a brilliant inning of 75 runs. A massive inning from Sultana that did not only help her win the game but also hearts of fans from around the world. Sultana played at a strike rate of 147 and smashed her score in merely 51 deliveries. Sultana singlehandedly led the team to a massive win.

Ritu Moni added a few runs and the Bangladeshi team won the game by 6 wickets in all.

A well deserved win for Bangladesh. Impressive game from Nigar Sultana won her the Player of the Match award.

Sri Lanka will want to come back stronger in the proceeding games.

Brief Scores:

Sri Lanka 145/6 (Harshitha Samawickrama 45 (44), Chamari Atapattu 38 (28), Fahima Khatun 2/20) lost against Bangladesh 146/4 (Nigar Sultana 75(51), Ritu Moni 33 (23), Udeshika Prabodhani 1/7) by 6 wickets


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