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Asia Cup 2022: Bangladesh Shine Against Malaysia; Pakistan Lose Against Thailand

Asia Cup 2022: The games played at this stage of the Asia Cup are highly crucial for the teams to qualify for the further stages. While all the teams are giving their ultimate best, the two matches played today also saw a few major contributions from the team in its entirety. While the first game saw the most unexpected win of Thailand over Pakistan, the second game witnessed Bangladesh’s huge win over Malaysia. The two games were played with all might as Bangladesh and Thailand, both won games to remain in the chase for the trophy.

Pakistan vs Thailand

The game between Pakistan and Thailand took an unexpected turn, as Thailand won the game comfortably chasing down the required score. Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first. Winning the toss, their opening batters Muneeba Ali and Sidra Ameen came in to bat. Muneeba played a quick game striking a few shots and securing 15 runs off 14 deliveries. She played at a strike rate of 107 but wasn’t able to stay back for too long.

Her partner Ameen, played a rather long inning, safely leading the team to a total of 116. Ameen played until the final over, scoring a total of 56 runs in 64 deliveries. Ameen scored the maximum for the side and was further backed by Nida Dar and Aliya Riaz. The Pakistani team wrapped up at 116 at a loss of 5 wickets in 20 overs.

Thailand’s Sonnarin Tippoch picked two wickets whereas ThipatchaPutthawong picked a wicket. Thailand now needed 117 runs to win the game in 20 overs. A firm player to score 50+ runs seemed to have been enough for the side to win the game and opener Natthakan Chantham did just that. She played a fabulous game, helping her team chase the total rather more easily than it seemed.

Chantham singlehandedly won the game for her side playing at a strike rate of 119. The team was able to secure the game with a ball to spare. A tough fight, which was obvious from a steady team like Pakistan. Both Nida Dar and Tuba Hassan secured two wickets each. Thailand won the game and has been able to survive in the tournament, bagging their first-ever victory. NatthankanChanthan was named the Player of the Match.

Pakistan 116/5 (Sidra Ameen 56 (64), Sornnarin Tippoch 2/20) lost against Thailand 117/6 (Natthakan Chantham 61(51), Tuba Hassan 2/18) by 4 wickets.

Bangladesh vs Malaysia

Bangladesh crushed Malaysia in the most literal sense. Bangladesh won the toss and opted to bat. Batting first they played an impressive inning, scoring a huge total of Malaysia to chase. Although opener Shamima Sultana lost her wicket way too early in the game, the show was continued by Murshida Khatun. Khatun played an impressive game 56 runs in all. Playing at a strike rate of 103, the player impressed all her fans and set a firm foundation for the team’s first inning.

Nigar Sultana further worked on the same foundation and she scored 53 off just 34 deliveries. Her steady runs at a strike rate of 155, helped the team reach a total of 129 by the end of 20 overs. The team had lost 5 wickets in all to players like Sasha Azmi and Winifred Duraisingam.
The Malaysian team had won their last game and definitely had huge hopes for this game as well. But the Bangladeshi bowlers destructed the entire batting lineup and the team collapsed ultimately.

None of the Malaysian batters were able to secure enough runs for the side in order to help them chase down the set score. They failed with FarihaTrisna’s 3 wicket haul which was backed by Fahima Khatun, Shanjida Akhter and Rumana Ahmed, as they all secured 2 wickets each.
This led to the team’s downfall at a total of 41 runs in 18.5 overs. They lost all 10 wickets and lost their game against Bangladesh. Bangladesh has thus secured the 3rd spot on the points table. Nigar Sultana was named the Player of the Match.

Bangladesh 129/5 (Murshida Khatun 56 (54), Nigar Sultana 53 (34), Sasha Azmi 1/15) won against Malaysia 41/10 (Fariha Trisna 3/12, Rumana Ahmed 2/1, Sanjida Akhter 2/4) by 88 runs.



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