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Ashleigh Gardner Creates History with Back-to-Back ICC Player Of The Month Awards

Australian all-rounder Ashleigh Gardner seizes the spotlight once again by clinching the prestigious ICC Women’s Player of the Month award for July 2023. Her achievement is magnified by the fact that she had previously secured the same accolade in the preceding month, marking a remarkable back-to-back victory. This extraordinary feat establishes her as the solitary player, male and female, to achieve such an impressive consecutive milestone.

Gardner’s influence within the Australian cricketing landscape is undeniable, notably highlighted by her pivotal role in recent cricketing events. Her standout contributions during the T20 World Cup earlier this year underlined her ability to thrive under pressure, solidifying her reputation as a player capable of turning the tide in crucial moments.

Throughout the month of July, Gardner’s star continued to shine brightly as a consistent performer in both batting and bowling departments. Australia engaged in a series of high-stakes clashes, taking on formidable opponents in the form of England and Ireland. The cricketing spectacle comprised eight enthralling matches, featuring a dynamic blend of five ODIs and three T20Is.

Ashleigh Gardner’s indomitable spirit and multifaceted skill set came to the fore in the T20Is against England, where she amassed an impressive total of 72 runs and contributed two valuable wickets. Transitioning to the ODIs, Gardner’s impact remained undiminished. With a bat in hand, she showcased her prowess by accumulating a notable 160 runs across four innings, consistently bolstering Australia’s scorecard.

Her contributions extended beyond the batting crease, with her bowling finesse manifesting in an impressive tally of 13 wickets taken across five innings. Gardner’s proficiency in both disciplines reinforces her significance as a dynamic match-winner for her team.

Ashleigh Gardner pleased with her consistent performance in both aspects of the game

With a mixture of humility and pride, Gardner expressed her elation, stating, “It’s a great honour to win the ICC Player of the Month for July and particularly to become the first player to win back-to-back awards.”

Gardner’s success has been intertwined with a period of intense cricketing action, including the Women’s Ashes and a tour of Ireland. Reflecting on this demanding schedule, she shared, “It’s been a really hectic time over with the Women’s Ashes and the tour of Ireland and I’m really pleased with what the Australian team has achieved.”

“From a personal perspective, it’s also been pleasing I’ve been able to put in some really consistent performances with bat and ball over that period,” Gardner acknowledged, highlighting her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Gardner’s journey was illuminated by her pivotal role in the Women’s Ashes, which showcased the intensifying competitiveness of women’s cricket. She addressed the challenges head-on, noting, “As the Ashes showed, the standard of women’s cricket is continually rising, and the game is throwing up a lot of challenges.”

Ashleigh Gardner’s triumph is a testament to the relentless hard work invested by her and her team. “So, it is really nice to be rewarded for all the hard work we put in to meet the strong oppositions we’re now facing,” Gardner emphasized, capturing the essence of her journey.

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