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Ashes 2023: Jess Jonassen Praises Beth Mooney’s Authentic Performance

Impressed by her masterclass performance, restricting the opponents at the Ashes 2023, Beth Mooney has won the hearts of millions. Among them is Jess Jonassen, who is in awe of Mooney’s ‘Mooney Performance’.

According to Jonassen, Mooney does Mooney things, that helped Australia immensely. “She’s incredible and she has a phenomenal record in chasing as well,” Jonassen said. “She just knows the tempo to go at and she’s quite an incredible manipulator of the field as well. It makes it quite tricky. I always find her one of the hardest people to bowl to in the nets, so it’s always nice in international cricket when she’s finally on my side.”

“She was incredible. She really held that run chase together and allowed a lot of the others, like Tahlia McGrath and Ash Gardener when they teed off at different points as well, she was able to play that role and then equally hitting a few crucial boundaries at really important times as well. So yeah, she’s just doing Beth Mooney things pretty much.”

Jonassen also spoke of the few fielding errors Australia made, but was able to recover them successfully. “It got quite tight there in the end, but an incredible spectacle,” Jonassen said. “We knew we had the firepower in the sheds to be able to chase that down, it just happened that it was off the second-last ball.”

“A big thing we speak about as a group and something we think is a real bonus of what we can all bring is that composure and that calmness under pressure, and in high-pressure moments. So even though there were probably a few nerves internally… trying to not show it on the outside and to trust and to back your skills and your preparation and know that you’ve been there many times before. It’s sport, it can be cruel, sometimes you come off second best; but we’ve found as a group, the more calm and composed we’ve stayed, we’ve generally come out on top.”

Ashes 2023: “Mooney batted really well” – Amy Jones on Beth Mooney

Amy Jones further added, “Mooney batted really well and to have a batter bat the whole way through, you give yourself the best chance really, so I think she was probably the difference there.”

“The gap feels like it’s closing. They’ve earned the right to have all those compliments and they have been formidable really over the last few years. We felt like underdogs the whole way through but I think the Test match and today, the confidence is growing and it feels to us as if the gap is closing and that’s a really exciting feeling amongst us.”

Australia now leads the series 6-0. They will want to finish the premium series on a high note for which, Jones wishes to remain in the best of form.

“I just refocused on what works for me in that in this format, resetting and thinking about those things really helped me,” Jones said. “That’s how I want to go out and play every game, so I think when it does come off I can take a lot of confidence from that for sure. If something creeps into my head – if I want to reverse, just reverse – no doubt. If something pops in just go for it, reminding myself of that.”

Australia will head for the 2nd T20 game on Wednesday, which might possibly seal the deal for the two teams. England will want to win all their further games.

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