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IND vs AUS: “That’s What Happens When Australia Plays India”- Alyssa Healy On Face-off With Harmanpreet Kaur

Alyssa Healy, the Captain of Australia believes that Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur’s fiery demeanor during the just finished Test match was entirely justified. During their one-off Test match at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, the latter and the Australian got into a furious exchange.

Alyssa Healy reacted defensively, using his bat to shield himself when Harmanpreet threw the ball in his direction while bowling. After taking a ricochet, the ball shot four times over the fence to the third man. After being dismissed by Healy on the very next ball, the Indian skipper, who had initially protested for obstructing the field, became enraged.

After the game, Alyssa Healy told the reporters that she didn’t take offense at Harmanpreet Kaur’s comments because it just demonstrated how much both teams wanted to play cricket.

She said: “I don’t necessarily think there is a rivalry. I think that we’re just two cricketers going at it. That’s basically the way that I’d sum it up. She’s obviously a passionate cricketer, so am I. That’s what happens when Australia plays India. It’s a good, hard contest. Yesterday was just probably an example of that.”

Alyssa Healy backs the team despite Australia’s loss

Moreover, Alyssa Healy asserted that Australia’s supremacy persisted despite their lone defeat to India. Because of the high standards they have set for themselves in international cricket, she believes there has been a shift in the team and that they are being evaluated too rapidly.

On this, she stated: “It’s not even a blip. It’s a format where we’re not overly familiar with, in conditions that we’re not familiar with. I see more positives out of this and than any sort of negativity. I think there is always a lot of expectation and external noise about our team and how we’re performing … they are so used to seeing us winning that I think at times they forget that we’ve actually seen quite a lot of change over the last 12 to 18 months that kind of goes unnoticed external to our group.”

Alyssa Healy-led Australia will be keen to bounce back in the three ODIs to be played at the same venue beginning on December 28.

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