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‘A Lot To Learn With Lots Of Ups And Downs’ – Jemimah Rodrigues

The qualifier game between Trailblazers and Velocity ended with Velocity making it to the finals. Although they lost the match they have safely secured their spot against the Supernovas at the WT20 finals. With Simran Bahadur’s boundary, the Velocity reached their required NRR, overthrowing the Trailblazers. Some fierce game from Kiran Navgire leading Velocity to the finals. Meghana Sabbineni and Jemimah Rodrigues batted impressively well in the first innings but weren’t able to lead their team to the finals.

At the press conference, Jemimah and Simran Dil Bahadur shared some moments from their on-field experience. Here’s what they have to say. Simran Bahadur also spoke about the team’s poor fielding performance in the first half. “The dropped catches led us to a loss of 30-40 runs,” she said.

Speaking of Kiran Navgire’s batting performance Simran added, “Kiran is a fantastic batter. At the domestics too, she bats impressively well. She hits the ball well. We motivated her to play her simple game and that’s what she did.”

Talking of bowling against Kiran, Simran said, “I try a cutter-slower one against her. If the ball is in her range she hits it. She hits every ball in her range. You need too bowl with mindfully against her. The team is excited about playing the finals. We want to win the finals and lift the trophy.”

Speaking about her future plans, Simran said, “I want to play for the team and want to play my role well. I want to play according to the team and wish to play my natural game and enjoy balling or batting.”

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Jemimah Rodrigues on the other hand seemed disappointed about the team’s defeat. Despite having played well throughout Trailblazers failed to make it to the finals. Firstly, Jemimah Rodrigues spoke of her knock against Velocity. An ‘important one’ as she said. “The knock was special for me, coming off at this time, especially. I believe this knock will be close to my heart because last few months haven’t been easy. A lot of things to learn, lots of ups and downs but these things make you stronger.”

Jemimah Rodrigues was also grateful to her family who came to support her. She said, “Knowing whatever happens they are always going to be there, they are always going to support me and love me whether I am a cricketer or not. That gave me a lot of confidence and I was pumped because I wanted to do something for them today.”

Although there are some regrets from the last game, Jemimah believes that she was able to time the ball well and if she had lasted, they would’ve won.

Jemimah Rodrigues spoke of today’s performance and her partnership with Meghana. “I knew my team needed me to be there. We (Meghana and I) were going really well. We were backing each other, supporting each other, when she was striking I was rotating. When she wasn’t, I was getting one odd boundaries. So I was clear of what I needed to do and it worked well.”

With the Commonwealth series and T20 World cup coming up, Jemimah Rodrigues recognizes the need to be in good form. But she believes to move forward with her natural game having no major plans for the flagship events. However, the Velocity will face Supernovas at the finals on Saturday 28th May.



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